So tired but can’t sleep.

Is everyone like this? I hate the nighttime, can cope in the day but dread the nights, seem to feel sick every night and the pain is bad in my hip so can’t get comfortable.

Its 3.15am and feeling sorry for myself , sorry.

Hi Ri, 


I went through spells of not sleeping well and now take a couple of supplements to help but if you’re concerned about taking those Weleda do a natural product called Chamomilla which is worth a try. It can be given to newborns so nothing nasty in it! They do granules for newborns, then drops for older babies/toddlers and tablets for adults. Some Holland & Barrett’s sell them, or can get on line. If you decide to try, don’t swallow whole, you need to chew them! Kate x

Hi Ri, the minds a bugger, isn’t it? I found chemicals didn’t work for me, so accessed psychological services after not sleeping through for nearly a month. I was taught a few tricks which have helped greatly, and, according to my fit bit, I now have a fair nights sleep. Works for me! ?

Try…a warm bath each night to relax you.

Try…a hot drink at bed time to soothe you.

Try…deep breathing exercises in bed. Arms at side, eyes closed, legs not crossed. Breathe in , then out for longer. This disturbs the cycling brain patterns.

Try…counting. Backwards, forwards , in twos, threes, whatever. Again, it disturbs that rocketing brain.

Try…alphabetising your favourite thing. Flowers, trees, cars, countries, whatever floats your boat. Never reached Z for zinnia more than once.?

Try…meditation. You can get programmes for your I pad to start you off, or join a group to teach you.?

Unfortunately our mind is reacting to the awful thing that has happened to us, and it is important to recognise when this is beginning so that we can distract the mental turmoil with something repetitive and slow the racing mind. Relaxing the body also helps relax the brain. Or so I was told. I do use all these techniques…just not all at the same time! ? I do sleep quite well now, but that is also because I have accepted my disease and work hard to manage my life around it. The acceptance part was also reached through my sessions with psychological services. My heart does go out to you as I know how awful it can be. Wishing you well in your search for some peace . ?


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