I have just read many postings about your stories from diagnosis, through treatments and now lliving with cancer and you give me hope. YOU ARE INSPIRATIONAL.

I was diagnosed 2004 when I was 8 months pregnant, Had left mastectomy, chemo and radio and felt positive that it was over with. I had a wonderful 3 years of relative normality until November last year.

Having always had a niggly back I continually told my onc but dismissed it as being ok. Unfortunately, once I decided to have my bad back checked out, they found secondaries in many of my vertebrae, hip and ribs… what a b***er.

Five blasts of radio has eased the lower back pain and now I am piecing back my life. Taking control by making sure I keep fit and healthy (but still enjoy wine and chocolate!) Pilates is strengthing my muscles and massage is a treat to iron out the niggles.

I am actually ok, and enjoying every minute that I have. Reading emails like Dawn’s helps me to see that I may have longer than I was predicting… I have been told ‘years’ after all. I just need to have that faith again.

I do feel privileged to have heightened senses that make me relish even tiny things that happen with family and friends, I now have far more time to care and spend time with and for others. My new perspective on life and living is something I am proud of.

So… to all of you out there… cherrish the moments, live for the moment and enjoy!

All my love to you
Lou x
(God I have gone soppy!!!)

Hi Lou,

Glad to hear that you have found help reading the forums. It is a lonely place to be when you are either newly dx or to be told you have secondaries. At least here you know you are not alone - and hopefully you in turn will go on to encourage others to hope. As I guess you have already read - I have had bc now for 18 years and the last 6 of them with extensive bone mets. I am still able to get about and enjoy myself (have to confess though I don’t exercise). I think this is one area where we really need help and advice on how much we should do. I am sure it is there for the asking - just never got around to it. Are you being given bisphosphonates for your bone mets? I ask because you don’t mention it in your post.

p.s. soppy is fine :slight_smile:


Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your posting.

Yes, I am on a trial and am taking Bondronat (ibandronic acid) tablets daily… have adjusted to not being able to drink my cup of coffee as soon as I get up…!!!

I’m also having Zoladex injections monthly and taking arimidex to get those hormones in check, although my cancer was not that hormone receptive.

Pilates is working well for me, it isone on one and she is very specific about the areas we are working on in order to strengthen the muscles to support my bones. It makes me feel I am ‘doing something’ to take a bit of control as really I am in the hands of medical science, aren’t we all! Walking is quite a challenge but I am working at it and have signed up to do the 10 mile Ribbon walk at Petworth in June.

You must be so proud of yourself to be doing so well… you reinstore the hope I had that rapidly diminished when I was told it was still with me.

Best wishes to one and all
Lou x