Insulin dependent diabetics

Insulin dependent diabetics

Insulin dependent diabetics I would be interested to know how, if at all, the chemotherapy affected your diabetic control and how you coped. I am due to start FEC in 3 - 4 weeks time what can I expect?


have you visited the ‘other site’ at all? They have a whole user group dedicated to diabetics. Otherwise perhaps you could ring the helpline this site offer, its v.g,


Diabetes and Chemo I have posted this for new user Emma,
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Hi Jill

I have diabetes and am now am on number 4 of my chemo. The first three were FEC and it did effect my diabetes. For me it was the Steroids they give you for the anti-sickness that mucked everything about. My sugars were high while i was on them and they took a few days to return to normal after i had stopped taking them. I have to change my insulin levels on both my fast acting and slow acting insulin to help keep it under control. My diabetic team have been great and are at hand for advice should i need it. My advice is have a chat to your diabetic nurse about it.

Good luck with the chemo.


Dear Emma,

Thank you for your response good to speak to someone who has experience. I have been told that it is the steroids that will screw my blood sugar. I am not due to start my treatment for 3 - 4 weeks and it will be FEC. I will take your advice and speak to my diabetic nurse.

Good luck to you.