Insurance scum

My life just seems to get worse, really struggling. The chemo going well. But had a letter today from insurance company about insurance i had on business loan. They have decided not to pay out anymore, why… because i took the insurance out 3/8/09, was diagnosed 22/10/09, and when they found the lump, i said i had had lumpy boobs for a couple of months. i get lumpy boobs round the time of the month, but my doctor wrote down lump found 3 months insurance company say i was clearly suffering systems before start of policy.

The b*******d! my business will go bankrupt.
any advice

hi there, can you not try and appeal it, it may be worth a try, you have enough crap to deal with without this

love and hugs

Carol x

Lumpy boobs don’t mean cancer , i had lumpy boobs checked out 2 years before i was diagnosed and was told just that @ you have lumpy boobs, some women do’ when i claimed on critical illness my consultant said ‘rhian has not previously suffered from cancer’, you don’t have cancer until you are diagnosed …if you know what i mean, get legal advice. Some insurance companies ie my one direct line, have a legal advice line you can call for advice. do you have anything like that. Don’t let them (ins company)get away with fobbing you off. rhian x

Thanks, i will fight it, but why is everything a fight. God everything is hard work at the moment. I have never ever had insurance on a loan before, i got pressurised into it. My one stroke of luck that would keep my business going was i eventually accepted it.

don’t give up hun , i know it seems like an up hill struggle dealing with bl**dy BC and the other hassle it brings into our lives, but i am sure the insurance company are wrong in this desicion, if you had gone to the doctor three months ago i may understand but just say 'about ’ three months ago is not good enough. Can you speak to your GP? My insurance company got in touch with my breast surgeon not just my GP.


Will let you know, forms to fill in for complaint. Doc going to write letter.
Lets hopre

i would def appeal and get doc to back you up… sometimes docs just dont think though when they write things… the last thing you feel like doing when your going through all this is fighting for what you deserve but maybe you can speak to somebody like CAB or even maggies or macmillan for help.

Lulu x

That is disgraceful…you are not diagnosed with cancer until you have had the tests and actually told by the consultant, so how they can try and twist is is unbelievable…but not suprising.

Fight it all the way.

Paula xx

Please keep us posted if you appeal, as I may go through a similar scenario with ‘critical illness’ cover.

I only know too well how difficult insurance companies can be. I cannot say too much as I am actively fighting a four year misdiagnosed BC case. Not getting anywhere with the insurance aspect. I think in many cases they make it so difficult in the hope that you will go away and forget all about it. If you’ve got the energy I would suggest keep fighting. I’m still fighting four years on. If you don’t get anywhere with GPs etc, it may be worth speaking to a solicitor. Some give you 30 mins free talk time. Just another idea.

Best of luck.


You are right Jeannie, they do hope if they drag things out you will give up, whether it be for health, buildings and contents, whatever; we had this scenario when our house got flooded, they just didn’t want to pay out and they told the builders who were refurbishing the house to do the cheapest job possible. It ended up being done twice because of this. My OH recently took out critical illness and life insurance for himself due to being self employed. He smokes 5 cigars a week and drinks about a bottle of red wine during the course of a week, some weeks nothing.He was warned if he went over that limit it wouldn’t pay out. Apparently if he gets sick they will expect him to have a blood test for nicotine/alcohol levels.He’s paying about £70 a month for this policy.