Insurance won’t cover hernia

I had a mastectomy Diep reconstruction in March 2018 which was successful but unfortunately I developed a large hernia on my tummy scar. It’s grown a lot on the six months throughout chemo and radio treatment and now that I’m finished I need it repaired. My insurance say it’s not covered under my policy. Does anyone out there have any experience in this department (as a patient or someone who works in the industry) It shocks me that they can dismiss me as a patient just because I had complications.

Any suggestions on how to challenge this would be greatly appreciated


Hi Maple,


I am so sorry to hear this. I don’t know who you are with but I, too, have health insurance and recall them saying that certain things won’t be covered, specifically drugs that I need to take home, etc. I think the best people to help you make a claim are your breast/plastics team-they are probably familiar with the inclusions/exclusions. I’m going to try and PM you now with more info.