intense itching in one breast only and 2 flat lumps

Hi I have had a mamo anmd been told ok. I ahve benign BD anyway however thsi itching is terrible and stinging burning too near and on the nipple. Has anyone had this in one side only and what was the outcome. My GP will laugh if I go back as she thinks a mamo is proof all is ok. Should I go back? Do you think it is nothing? I can feel a hardish flat bit near the nipple under the skin. driving me nuts.
Nigela x

If you are concerned, which you are, you must go back. You have got genuine symptoms, not imaginary ones and even though likely to be nothing, you must get it checked. Don’t worry for one second about what your doctor thinks. Its your health and your responsibility to point out new or worrying symptoms. If she finds this funny, she should seriously consider whether she is in the right job!!

Hi Nigela,

I agree with Cathy - I think you have to push on this one. It is quite possible for mammos to miss things. Particularly if you are youngish, or on particular types of tumours i.e. lobular. After one particular mammogram which was incredibly painful I developed a large tumour (6cm)in the space of 6 months!. I would be tempted to try and see a different doctor in your practice if that is how it works.


Hi Nigela,
I’d go back to your doctor.Somethings not right or you wouldn’t be having the itching in the first place.When I mentioned to my gp that my breasts were increadably itchy she didn’t even examine me - just laughed and said it wasn’t a bc symptom and was probably hormonal.I put up with it for another 6mths until I found the lump.

Hi Nigela

Completely agree with everyone else, please go to GP. Obviously, keep in mind it could be fine and don’t think twice about bothering doc (use mine, or someone else’s example).

I had intense itching in top left of breast in Sept last year. Doc examined me & gave antifungal cream. Went back 6 weeks later as cream didn’t work, doc said left breast was definately more lumpy & bigger than right so get new bra! Finally at beginning of Feb went back again as still had intense itching and stinging and nipple was driving me mad with itching and now had hardish patch on areola (visible). Was then referred (non urgent!) for mamo which showed calcification. Then went for core biopsy. Outcome? Mine was DCIS, which for me started to become invasive in some areas, (large area, 10.2 cms) and I needed surgery (you can PM if you want to re this, don’t want to bore everyone here!) Oh, & I had no lumps.

Not meaning to cause concern and as I said, yours is probably completely diffeent ayway but just an example as why doc (especially one that messed up like mine!) needs to be hassled!

Good luck and lots of love. Cathy x