Intermediate DCIS-accurate diagnosis

Hi everyone - I wanted to ask for your thoughts on the accuracy of diagnosis although of course I am well aware everybody’s case will be different. I have been diagnosed with DCIS intermediate grade and am having single mastectomy with immediate DIEP reconstruction on 1st may which I am extremely nervous about. I have received a huge amount of support and realise I have no choice but to get on with it. I am having this treatment because the DCIS is in three different areas and my consultant said I would only get a good cosmetic result that way and he knew that was very important to me. He also said (and my husband heard the same thing) that if I went down this route it was highly unlikely I would need any other treatment at all i.e. no radiotherapy and no medication. To reach my diagnosis I had three mammograms two ultrasounds a core biopsy an MRI scan and a separate MRI guided biopsy. My question is that generally speaking how likely is the diagnosis to be accurate? Obviously I know that until they do the final pathology after the MX and reconstruction I will not know for certain. I am just wondering if anyone knows the probability of them getting the original diagnosis wrong? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and sorry to keep worrying. Kathryn xx

Hi Kathryn, i was diagnosed with high grade DCIS in sept 2016. I had a wle, a cavoty shave and 15 shots of radiotherapy. My friend had the same diagjosis but had a masectomy with implant reconstruction and nothing else.

However, it just depends on the pathology after your op.

I do think you are doing the right thing hav8ng the masectomy though xx

Hi Kathryn,
You are right, the final diagnosis will be confirmed once the final report is done. I’ve never had any worry about accuracy of diagnosis & was reassured by the number of investigations I had at the time, including mri.
It sounds like all’s been done that needs to be done, so there’s no reason why your diagnosis should not be accurate.
Wishing you well with it all.
ann x

Hi Kathryn, You are wise to keep an open mind about things as it can change once the full pathology comes in after your mastectomy, Not always for the worst though, Mine actually went in my favour, initial scans showed 10mm of DCIS and invasive BC but after my op I was told it was just 4mm of invasive, there was no DCIS.

I had radiotheraphy which was fine, painless and caused me no problems so it’s really nothing to worry about if you were to need it. 


I think on the whole they get things pretty much right but of course they can’t give you 100% certainty and I know it’s hard not to worry but all you can do is dig deep and try not to over think, So many of us here have been through the same wait and stress and can tell you it gets easier once you know the full story Xx Jo 

Hi kathryn
I was exactly the same as you! I had a 1000 doubts had they got it right? should i leave it and go on the loris trial where tgey would keep a close eye under a trial situation as offered by my bc surgeon? Are they over treating?
I went out skipping when tvey offered me that “no treatment” exactly what i wanted to hear.
However after going away and thinking about it i decided i couldnt live each day with the “what if” and what would be going on inside me so had mx and diep as you know and thats when they found invasive!
Maybe being offered no treatment helped me make up my mind.
Its an awful period of time for you kathryn i feel for you. My thoughts are with you lovely lady xxx