Intermediate DCIS

I have been diagnosed with Intermediate DCIS.  It is 21mm x 17mm OR 8x8. I have my pre op today and WLE next week. They say I will need 3 weeks of Radiotherapy afterwards. I’m feeling nervous now. I would be pleased to hear from anyone similar to myself. 

Good morning Karen,

Can understand why you’re feeling nervous you have come to the right site most of us have been there and are now there for you. 

There is always so much to take in when you’re first diagnosed with breast cancer I always say take one day at a time, I was in the same place as you with lumpectomy together with 15 rounds of radiotherapy, all went very well RT can make you feel very tired so be kind to yourself with lots TLC.
Please let’s us know how you are doing wishing you lots of luck.

biggest hugs Tili :rainbow: :rainbow:

Hi @Karenjm  

Welcome to the place none of us would choose to be. 
I can’t add much more to what Tili has already said, you are in the right place and there are lots of ladies on here (and a whole lot more than you might think in the wider world!) who’ve had a similar diagnosis and treatment plan (including me!)
Having said that, however whilst you are following a well trodden path you make your own footprints: there is no “right” or “wrong” way to be on this journey and as Tili says just taking each step and day as it comes helps most people. 
The breast cancer world is full of some of the kindest caring people you could wish to meet. 
Hope your surgery goes well and feel free to pop back and let us know how you are doing. 
AM xxx