Intermediate oncotype

Hi , I have posted quite a few times before but would really like to hear from people who are premenopausal and had an intermediate oncotype. I am 42 and had a grade 2 12mm tumor plas an area of DCIS. My oncotype came back at 17 and my oncologist was absolutely adamant that I didn’t need chemo. In fact before she even gave me the result she said 'The results if the oncotype show you dint need chemo '. I have just complpeted radiotherapy but still feel slightly uncomfortable that chemo was ruled out so quickly. I have since been told that they want me to try ovarian suppression by giving me Zoladex ( which I am nervous about). I have also started Tamoxifen. I would really like to hear from anyone who has had been in the position of having an intermediate oncotype.

Mine was although intermediate high. Did you have node involvement or LVI?

Thanks for replying. They said I didn’t have LVI and it was node negative. I just thought there would be some sort of discussion about chemo but it was ruled out and she said I would go on Tamoxifen. However I had a phone consultation and she confirmed that she wants me to go on Zoladex too.

It’s a pretty reasonable suggestion IMO. Suppression of the ovaries in pre-menopausal women does lower recurrent rates. The data is also definitive that without node involvement or LVI chemo would not be beneficial to you with an oncotype score of 17.

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Hi @eb13 Although I had a different tumour profile to you (muliti-focal grade 2 ILC tumours) I had an oncotype of 18 (Which was considered low not intermediate?) I was hugely relieved that I wouldn’t have benefitted from chemo - especially after my mastectomy and reconstruction. No discussion needed, as no lymph node involvement or LVI. Being in the 50 and under category, with a grade 2 tumour, a score between 20-25 may have been an intermediate/ grey area worthy of consideration.
I would try and see your result as a positive- it’s a really good thing that you don’t need chemo - your tumour was very small and I assume you got clear margins. Your oncologist would probably consider you as close to cured as is possible :blush:
take care , and trust your oncologist- they are the experts and they certainly wouldn’t deny you treatment that you needed. Sending hugs :hugs: xx

Totally understand your concerns here, I’m older than you 50 at diagnosis but pre-menopausal. I had a grade 1 14mm tumor highly ER/PR positive HER2 negative. I had one node involved and an oncotype score of 16. My oncologist explained that radiotherapy was non negotiable but we could discuss anti-hormone therapy and chemo although she was very comfortable that the oncotype score meant a low risk of recurrence. She used breast predict Predict Breast and that showed that chemo only reduced my recurrence rate by 1% so I decided that it was definitely not worth the side effects. I’ve been on tamoxifen for a year now but still having periods so I’ve started on Zoladex this week. I had the injection on Tuesday no where near as bad as I’d thought, yes it’s a big needle and it’s a bit ouchy but over very quickly and I’ve had no issues with the injection site. It’s only a few days but so far so good, I was having flushes with the tamoxifen anyway so no difference there. I felt a bit foggy on Friday but other than that I’ve been fine. If chemo was going to be of benefit to you you would definitely be told, good luck with the Zoladex it sounds like your oncologist like mine is taking a real belt and braces approach. Hope all goes really well for you xx

I didn’t have enough to determine the oncotype of my DCIS (5mm IDC) following mx. So no chemo however two years later it’s back. So I would listen to your gut as while I was so relieved not to have chemo then it is now in my lymph node. Hopefully it’s all still very early but if you are not sure then worth having more discussions.
Best of luck with your decision x

Thank you so much for replying. I just wanted to hear from people in a similar situation. I find it helpful to hear that people have had a similar treatment plan. So good to know about your experience of Zoladex as it is daunting. I think I want to get on and have it now. I really wish the best for everyone here

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Thank you for replying. Really sorry to hear about your recent experience. Your right about making surecwwvdiball have any conversations we feel are necessary. I wish you the best with all of your treatment.

Thanks so much for your reply. I have been so touched my how supportive everyone is on this forum. Sending you lots of good wishes.


I’m glad you find the forum supportive. Sometimes I think I’m over positive and in denial! I hate hearing people worry, and stress, and I feel like I need to reassure people, having gone through so much in the past year and come out the other side. I wish I could give you a big hug because sometimes, like you, my mind goes into the overdrive and all I can think about is the possibility of recurrence. We’re all in this together - it’s not easy navigating a cancer diagnosis, especially when you have children who you want to be around for. I’ve got my first post diagnosis mammogram on the 1st March and I’m sh**ng myself!
Take care @eb13 - you’ll get through this. We all will hopefully xx