Intramammary lymph node growing larger...

Hi I am a 35 yo woman who this time last year found a lump in my left boob just near my areola. I went to the docs who referred me to the breast care clinic. There they did an ultrasound after the initial assessment and found a 9mm lump that they initially thought was a cyst but fine needle aspiration proved this was not the case and it was an enlarged intramammary lymph node. I was told all was well but come bk if I had any concerns. Fast forward a year and I noticed the lump getting bigger, very itchy (localised at first to breast but also now under both armpits) and two very small discolouration patches around where the lump is. Again doc referred me to the clinic. Nothing was found under my armpits but the consultant sent me for a scan over the node. So it turns out that the node has increased to 15mm. They again tried FNA and again nothing (unsure y they did this??) And then gave me a core biopsy to be on the safe side. So my question is…has this happened to anyone else? Why would the node increase if it is already enlarged? Basically any similar stories or advice would be great. Please don’t hold back if you had a negative experience. If anything I like to be informed on these things so the wait is doing my head in! Thank you all for your patience if you read this and any advice/thoughts would be fab.

Firstly, big hugs to you! You’re not alone and have come to the right place, we understand what you’re going through right now. I haven’t had the same experience as you…apart from the horrendous waiting game!


My breast cancer was detected by routine mammogram and I had a lumpectomy (also known as a WLE)and my sentinel lymph node was removed (it was more or less under my arm) and the cancer had burst out of it! I was a bit alarmed but further surgery (mastectomy and node clearance) showed only micro evidence in one other node. I wasn’t aware that there were lymph nodes close to the areola but I suppose the ‘layout’ is different in everybody! I have not had any mention of intramammary lymph nodes.


The waiting is truly hideous and there is a tendency to think negatively about everything! Going through this stage always difficult and you frantically look for answers online…as you may have learnt already; general Googling is dangerous territory! Here, Cancer Research and Macmillan are best really. When are you expecting the results from the biopsy?


Amanda x


Well I guess one thing about children, both your own and at school, is they are sure to keep you busy and help take your mind off things!


You have a good attitude which I’m sure will help, if anything comes up. As you say, you just have to deal with it, it is what is is, what like throws at you and you just have to keep going. I did asked the Dr who looked at my mammograms, did my ultrasound and needle biopsy what her gut feeling was and she said she honestly couldn’t tell.


I’m half way through FEC-T chemotherapy now, after that radiotherapy and then hormone therapy (tamoxifen) for 5-8 years then something else once I’m full post menopause. The NHS do their best and I have been very well looked after so far.


Please do let us know your results, I’ll be keeping everything crossed for you to have good news!


Amanda x

You too seem to have a fab attitude and I can only imagine what an awful time you’re having of it. It’s dreadful any of this has to happen at all but your positivity definately comes through on your message and I wish you all the luck in the world.

I will definately let you know what happens on Monday. The one part of me thinks the lack of concrete info I can find on this particular node and cancer is a good thing but then the other part of me thinks bloody hell the lack of knowledge is doing my nut in and I wish I could find something so I could be more prepared either way. (In case you hadn’t guessed I’m one of these ppl who hates a surprise at Xmas and birthdays lol)

Here’s hoping for good news Monday anyway! I’ll definately keep you informed :slight_smile:

Just a quick line to say bud luck at the clinic tomorrow, Daftduck!


Amanda x

Bless you Amanda thank you very much! Fingers xsed it’ll be nothing to worry about again. I’ll let you know xx

I hope it went ok for you today Daftduck, and the clinic wasn’t too stressful.


Amanda x