Intraoperative radiotherapy

Hi all
I live in Spain and was diagnosed with ILC stage 3 in oct 2016 and going through chemo! Tomorrow I shall be facing chemo no. 7 with Abraxene (Taxol) and hopefully in 21 days time will face my last session of chemo!
I have been told by my oncologist that my surgeon who specialises in BC and reconstruction is very keen on saving the b affected breast and uses a technique called ’ intraoperative radiotherapy’.
This is a technique where the radiotherapist is present during surgery and will administer the radio therapy once they are happy that the Tumor and tumor bed as been removed!
Has anyone heard of this procedure or even undergone it?

Hi I’ve only heard someone talking about it and the machines are highly sophisticated and the people who use them are highly skilled there used I think to treat area as soon as lump removed and saves patient attending numerous times good luck let us know how it goes xx

I came across interoperative radiotherapy (IORT) when researching radiotherapy before I started my own treatment. From what I have read it seems to be a relatively new form of treatment and isn’t generally available for primary breast cancer in the UK at present. Most of us have a form of external beam radiotherapy following surgery.


I found the following sources of information which may be of help in explaining what it involves:

Thank you guys! 7 chemo done, 1 left and then back to oncologist to discuss lumpectomy and radiotherapy!

Aww brilliant another part of your treatment nearly complete hope it’s going well all the best xx

Hi! How did your surgery go?  I’m having it done next week in London.  x

That’s an amazing advance where did you have that done Rosie ?

Really interesting advance -hopefully lots of people will benefit from it in the future .