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Hi I am a new member, doing well after single mastectomy August 2013. I hope that I can be in touch with others through the forum and  that I may be able to share some of the things that have helped me.

I had no chemo or radiotherapy, just surgery.without reconstruction.

Hi August,why don’t you repost your comment in the surgery part of going through treatment section of the site and I’m sure your experiences will help other people facing same thing.

Hi all.


New to this site after being diagnosed this week :smileysad:- still finding my way around the site but look forward to chatting with others who are dealing with Breast Cancer. I am waiting on my results confirming what type of breast cancer I have, stage etc. Still just coming to terms on day 4 since being diagnosed. Hope to speak with you soon and gain some helpful advice. Love and well wishes to all xx

Di ,if you look in the just diagnosed section you will find a lot of ladies who are at similar stage talking and offering support to each other .Jill.

I found it v comforting to find I was not the only person going through this and talking to people who really understood .


I’m new to all this. I feel like everything has happened so quickly I haven’t had time to think. I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram at a local clinic in early January.  Since then I have been recalled for a second mammogram, biopsy, surgery etc. My lymph nodes were clear :0) and now I’m waiting to hear when the radiation therapy will start.  I’m currently on Tamoxifen. The time has flown by! But I think it has only just hit me now, as I feel very weepy, which is ridiculous as I’m cancer free. Is this normal?



Totally normal!!!In the beginning there is so much going on that you just have to get on with it,when things calm down a bit it hits you "oh my God what just happened to me "!!!Dont underestimate the pshichiligical impact of having been diagnosed with cancer ,not every day you are faced with your own mortality.Expect times when you feel weepy and angry too that you have had to deal with this .It does help to talk to people who have been through it ,it is very hard for others to understand no matter how supportive they are.

Hi I’m new to this. I was diagnosed about 5 weeks ago and am in my second week of chemotherapy. I have 16 weeks to go! ? in my first cycle so just feeling my way around it all. I will need surgery at the end so any info about this will be helpful as trying to decide what to do re; reconstruction. I still have hair but not for long apparently so any tips on wig/ scarf would be great. I don’t hear of many people that have treatment first and I must admit this made me nervous as all I wanted was to have them removed and off ? x
L x

Hi L ,welcome ,if you go to the going through treatment section of the website and look at chemotherapy monthly threads ,there are ladies who are just starting chemo offering each other support and advice why don’t you post there?Jill

Hi L, 

Welcome to the forum but I am sorry you are going through this difficult time.

It is good to see that you are already getting support from our users.

You may want to look at our Headstrong appointment service to learn more about coping with hair loss. You can find services near you here. You may also want to post in our Chemotherapy and Surgeryboards where I am sure you will get more support and information. 

Best wishes,



I was recently diagnosed with DCIS and underwent a mastectomy in which they found a small tumour. I am 2 weeks post surgery and due to see the oncologist tomorrow as I have to have chemo and herceptin. Im a bit confused by all the positive/negative jargon but my breast surgeon said im HER2 positive. I decided to join this forum in the hope to get some help on my journey. I am absolutely dreading chemo. I guess tomorrow will hold more answers when I see the oncologist. 

Hi FionaJ
Hopefully u will feel better tomorrow when u see the oncologist, I found it helps to know what’s happening.
I am due to have my second of six chemotherapy next Wednesday. I don’t really know what type I have, they tell me but I forget. I just know it’s in my Breast, lymph nodes and I need chemotherapy and then surgery. I try not to think too much about the side affect of the treatment as everybody is so different and they give you lots of medication to counteract them. The actively session was hair boring so I took in things to do. There are chemotherapy threads on here for each month. It may help you to join February/ March as you will be going through IT together x

Sorry ‘actual session was very boring’

Hello I was diagnosed 23rd December 2015 and one week post op after single mastectomy. Having to wait for reconstruction. I am actually finding this very difficult, get results tomorrow and if I need further treatment so fingers crossed. I never thought I would be so bothered about how my body looks but I am, and I feel so guilty feeling this way because I am going to be ok. All I seem to do is cry or put a mask on so people don’t know how I am feeling. I hate being like this, is any one else in the same position xxxx

Hi Butterfly,good luck with your results tomorrow .Let us know how you get in.Fingers crossed you get good news.Jill.

Brilliant news!!Guess it will take time on the body image front ,are you looking at reconstruction at some point?0

Hi new to forum, 6 months post diagnosis, surgery -MX - DIEP and have one more chemo to go. Happy to share my experiences to help others x

Hi Goldfish,I’m sure your experiences will be helpful to others.Jill


I’m just back from my first breast screening clinic appointment. Had a needle biopsy for calcification in right breast. Still more dazed than scared but I am sure the fear will kick in soon.

Glad to find such a wonderful caring community offering support on this site.