Introducing myself

Hi, I’m new here. I was diagnosed on Monday 2nd July and am waiting for my treatment plan to be finalised, I should know on Monday.
i see from reading other posts that I am feeling pretty much the same as others in this situation, very up and down, sometimes I can focus on the moment feel OK and sometimes I feel very upset and frightened.
i haven’t told my grown up children yet but will have to soon, just need to be in the right frame of mind.

i am glad to meet you all and already feel better seeing all the responses on here from those who have been and are going through the same experiences.

Hi Wildpurl
So sorry you find yourself here, but it is a good place to be when we are worrying about our breast health. When your treatment plan is in place, on Monday, you will feel much more in control and less scared. I didn’t tell my grown up children either, not until my DX when surgery was discussed. I got my info in small stages, and that’s how my family got it from me.
Sending hugs and good wishes for Monday and beyond.
Poemsgalore xx

Hi Wildpurl,
I am newly diagnosed too, I was told on June 3rd I have bc and had my op on June 13th, I am off to the oncologist tomorrow to find out about my chemo and I am really scared
Good luck for Monday
Hugs xxx