Not sure if Im putting this in the right place but Im sure the mods will move it if necessary.
My story is quiet long.
My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer last November. She was prescribed Femara to shrink the tumours (one in each breast) and was told it was stage 3. Her doctor at the breast clinic advised me and my 3 sisters to get checked out.

Me being the eldest of my sisters (Im 47) thought I better go first to set an example. Kept putting it off but eventually in May this year I was at my GPs for something else and asked the GP to refer me to the breast clinic for a mammogram and told her that my mums doctor had recommeded this. GP examined me and said there are no lumps but will refer me because of my mum having breast cancer.
Appointment came quiet quickly and middle of June went to the breast clinic. Was told I will be seeing a doctor first which surprised me as just thought I would be having a mammogram. It was a different doctor from the one my mum saw and he told me mums doctor was wrong to advise me and my sisters to get checked out as my mums breast cancer is post menopausal and not genetic (she is age 76). He said that was the NICE guidelines. He examined me and said there are no lumps. But said that while I am there I might as well have the mammogram and ultrasound. So off I went and had my mammogram and ultrasound and went home thinking nothing of it. I even told my sisters that they didnt have to get checked out unless they found a lump.
Few weeks later got an appointment through the post to go for a core biopsy. I was so surprised, but just thought it will be a cyst.

Went back to breast clinc last Thursday, didnt take anyone with me as had convinced myself it was a cyst. Was so shocked to be told they had found some cancer cells and that the doctor would like to remove the lump and 2 nodes under the left arm to see if the cancer has spread. Think he said the lump is 2cm but not sure on that, I know he said it is early stage (was so shocked I didnt take everything in) . I am having the small lump removed on August 10th and so scared :frowning:
So that’s where I am up to this point. Will be having pre assessment next Tuesday so will ask more questions then.

By the way, mums breast cancer tumours have practically disappeared after 6 months of being on Femara which seems miraculous to us :slight_smile: They have told her they wont remove what’s left of the lumps and that the femara should keep the lumps shrunk for at least 8 years. Not sure what happens then but she will be age 84 then.

hi gocat,
I’m 54 and had dx in feb this yr. had mamagram nd biopsy and had 2cm cancer lump. had it removed plus 2 nodes(not affected) 2 wks l8r waited for results had to go back in for a shaving then 3wks l8r had another shaving as i didn’t hav clear margin

Now on arimidex for 5 yrs giving me hot sweats and aching joints

Then another 5 wks wait for my mapping out ready for my Rads, now i have to wait till 19th Aug before I start 13 + 3 booster.
Its just one long waiting game.

Your not on ur own keep in touch, other will also answer.
Its raining again here in Gloucester

Thanks Sunset. Sounds like I got all that to come.

Wondering how long I will have to take off work. Also got lots of other silly questions that I guess can ask at pre assessment next Tuesday.

Hi gocat,

Sorry that you are here, but it is a great place for support. Good idea to ask questions at the pre-op and you might also like to get hold of some of the bcc publications. I found the one about pathology reports particularly useful in suggesting questions to ask after the op.

People seem to vary quite a lot in how much time they have off work and it depends on what you do and how easy it is for your employers to be flexible. I had 2 weeks off after surgery and a week off after rads, but I was able to work from home some days and that helped. Many of my rads sessions were late afternoon so I could work a good part of the day, especially as the journey to hospital was much easier from work. But some people have to travel such a distance that they stay at a hospital “hostel” some weeks.

I always take a notebook to appointments, note down my questions in advance and make notes of the answers. I suspect that if I didn’t I would forget something!

Good luck for Tuesday and hopefully you’ll know a bit more then.

Eliza xx

Hi gocat,

I have put for you below links to some of BCC’s publications that you may find useful. Do keep asking questions here, there’s always someone to support you.

Resource Pack:

Treating breast cancer:

Understanding your pathology report:

Hope these help. Kind regards,
Jo, Facilitator

Hi Gocat sorry you had to join this club.

I was dx June 30th, 2.1cm tumour and 3 nodes removed no involvment, and had my lumpectomy 2 weeks ago, I went back to work last Thursday. Everyone is different and you should listen to your body. I needed to go back to work as being at home was driving me potty (too much thinking time)!
I think you’re at the worst part now - waiting to go in - I felt so much better after “it” was removed and even more in control a week later after I got my results. I’m going back in on Tuesday morning for a re-excision as my margins were positive but this is a quick op and I’m not worried as the pain in my boob last time was just like sunburn and managable.
Take care of yourself and use this site, you are not alone, I’ve found it very informative and supportive.

Katie (((hug))) x

Thanks for your replies. Yes I have printed out those publications Jo. Thanks.

I work in a care home on night duty and there is some lifting involved though we do have electric hoists. Also lots of ironing/cleaning jobs to do *rolleyes*. Bit worried about weakness in arm after the lump and node removal.
Also another worry I have which I havent seen posted here or anywhere is that have been experiencing this feeling where ,in the middle of my chest, right near where the lump was spotted on the ultrasound it feel tight and sort of stiff. And sometimes it feels as though I cant take a deep breath…but when I try to take a deep breath, I can. I am not short of breath or anything, it is more of a pressure, tight feeling. Does anyone else get that type of sensation?It is very scarey. I guess it is down to anxiety but I was experiencing this before my diagnosis. I guess about 2 months on and off now (have had lots of family stress last 2 years or so) . Could this be pressure from the lump (even though it is tiny) pressing on heart/lungs? I got swimming once a week or so and notice this feeling more after swimming (could be fumes from chlorine? )
Anyway, will mention it at the pre op…

Hi gocat,
Try not to worry about the opp it’s not to major, I had 2 nodes removed aswell (just in case), but they were clear,
After the opp keep doing ur excercises they give you to do, it help get back to normal.

My lump was close to the nipple and it;s been cut open 3 times in same place as didn’t have clear margin, and has healed lovely. it’s waiting for the result each time is the worst,
Now having to wait for the Rads on 19th

When you go for premeds ask all the question you want to no,specially your breathing they are very helpful surportive
Good Luck aug 10th