I have been reading the different threads, and thought I should introduce myself.  My name is Cathy and I live in South Yorkshire.  I found a lump several months ago, but went to my GP about two weeks ago.  I was immediately referred for a mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy.  I received the results yesterday, and was told I have invasive ductal carcinoma, Stage 1, Grade 2.  I took a friend along for the results meeting, and the whole thing was a bit surreal.  I was really nervous beforehand (to the point of nausea, though I didn’t tell anyone - stiff upper lip and all that), but I felt a lot better afterwards, especially when the date of the lumpectomy has been confirmed (9 August) and the MRI scan (8 August).

I was surprised to read here about people suddenly feeling as if their whole body might be “infected”, as that’s exactly what I felt. Now I don’t feel so bad.  I confess to shedding several tears while reading the threads, and my own emotions have been a bit of a roller-coaster in the last 2 weeks since the GP confirmed the lump.

Hi Cathy , welcome to the forum, as I’m sure you have seen from reading the threads that so many of us have gone through the same emotions as you and I think we will all agree that once you know one way or another you do feel better , it’s being in limbo that is so hard on us! plenty of support here for you and answers to any questions you may want to ask, we have been though it all between us so don’t be afraid to ask us anything! Xx Jo 

Hi Cathy,

First of all, welcome to the forum where there’s loads of support from those of us where you’re at now, as well as further down the line & out the other side.

Mine WAS similar to yours, stage 1, grade 2 IDC & hormone positive, now treated & back to life as normal. 

Treatment is excellent now, so thank goodness, it has been diagnosed, so that it can be dealt with.  BC outcomes are some of the best out there. 

Your feelings are quite normal, we’ve all been there, so do come & chat whenever you need to. 

ann x



hello and welcome to this lovely forum where you will get support from the fantastic ladies on here, we are all here to hold your hand and answer any questions that we can.


Sending you a hug


Helena xxxx

Hi Cathy, sorry to hear of your diagnosis and glad to hear you have found support from this wonderful forum. You realise that all of your seemingly irrational and abnormal thoughts are completely normal in the context. I’m 48 and was diagnosed at the end of March with stage 2 grade 2 invasive locally advanced diffuse BC including local nodes to one breast with a certainty that a mastectomy will follow my chemotherapy. I’ve just past half way on my chemo journey 5 out of 8 treatments. It’s mentally tough getting through treatments but you have to keep the attitude of a marathon runner and stay focussed. Your plan being in place makes you feel so much better, like something is being done. The scans are an anxious time as you have to wait for results but try not to let your imagination run away with you as these thoughts tend to build worst case scenarios…  All of your feelings are completely normal. It’s good to have courage but it’s also OK to break down a little sometimes, just don’t stay there too long. You are human. Stay strong and eat nice and healthy and you will get through this. I wish you well as you start your journey. Xx

Hi Pecan

Just wanted to echo what the others have said and say welcome to the forum. You will get lots of advice and support here. When the time comes, try joining the threads on Going Through Treatment, where you can talk to others going through the same as you.

This is the most anxiety time, but you will get through it and come out the other side.

Sending a hug xx

Thank you for the responses.  I’m still getting used to this forum, and there aren’t any “like” buttons, to acknowledge anyone.


I received a whole batch of letters this morning, which set the roller coaster going again.

  • 26 July: MRI followed by a CT scan
  • 27 July: Meeting for results
  • 2 August: Premed
  • 9 August: Operation.

They have said I must take pyjamas, even though I had previously been told it was a day procedure.  Is this normal?

I’ve forgotten the other questions, except that I’m extremely curious about size, and other macabre details.

Oh - is it possible to get copies of Ultrasounds and mammograms?  I want to keep some sort of diary/blog.


Don’t forget to take a pillow/cushion for car journey home as the seatbelt tends to go right over the operation site .

Hi Cathy I have got a folder which is rapidly growing with all my letters …pre op on 24thJuly op on 8th August but I have started to write myself a letter for each letter I have recieved just so I know how I felt at any particular moment then when this is done and I am through the other side I will have a diary of my journey and something I can look back on to help celebrate my journey and coming out the other side x at the moment it is entirely personal to me when it’s done I may share it with my family but I am not ready to share yet xx