invasive ductal cancer grade 2 and painful breast

Hi Ladies,i was diagnosed on March 12th and have had an MRI scan and chest xray since then,my treatment plan was decided on March 25th .i am to have the 19mm tumour removed with a WLE and sentinel node biopsy on May 13th.My Surgeon couldn’t fit me in before then .She told me that waiting that long wouldn’t make any difference on the outcome.Every day seems like a year! I first went to my GP as i thought i had strained my chest ,lifting a fence panel with my Husband,when i felt my chest area to seewhere it actually hurt i felt a lump.I now have a lot of breast pain which i don’t know is from the cancer or a pulled muscle,when i asked the Surgeon if it was the cancer that made it hurt she just said she doesn’t know anything for certain until my operation and biopsys.Has anyone else had pain from their cancer ,i always thought that breast cancer didn’t hurt .I am so worried in case it has gone into my chest wall or bones .I am driving myself mad.i try to stay positive  but i can’t always manage itHas anyone had any  experience of breast pain with their cancer ,please let me know ,thanks Love Ellies

Hi Ellies,


It is unusual to have breast pain with cancer, but it does happen occasionally. I think the fact that you could have sprained your chest lifting a fence panel is clouding the issue. If you have been estimated as a grade 2 - and as yet you don’t know if any lymph nodes are affected, it is unlikely to have spread to your bones or chest wall. 


I was DX with ductal invasive cancer on November 1st 2012 and had mastectomy and SLNB on 12th December 2012. 36mm tumour, grade 3, 3 lymph nodes removed, one with cancer. 100% Oestrogen positive, 70% Progesterone positive HER 2 negative. The only time I’ve had breast pain was after chemo, found out it was costochondritis and not breast cancer related at all. I’m now over one year since diagnosis, and on a hormone tablet for at least 5 years. 


Sending hugs and best wishes


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Hi Ellies,


I’m sorry to hear that you have joined this journey and wish you all the best with your treatment.


I had pain in my right breast where the tumour was ~(mainly when the cat walked on me to say hello!).  Like you I thought breast cancer didn’t hurt, mine didn’t hurt all the time just when pressed.


Don’t be too hard on yourself it is an awful lot to take in and so frightening.  I can remember thinking the same as you at the time of diagnosis - what if it’s spread, how do the medical team know - they were very patient with me because I didn’t understand how they made their decisions and asked loads of questions.


Do talk to your Breast Care Nurses or the nurses on this website.  They will be able to help you with any medical queries or worries you have.


I hope this helps. 

Best Wishes Jxx




Hi there

             I wanted to put your mind at rest by letting you know that pain is a symptom, I found my lump because of waking up to a sharp stabbing pain in my breast which continued until my lump was removed, I was DX in Feb 2012 with grade 3 IDC so please try not to panic too much, says the woman he goes into panic at every twinge now :frowning: it is more common than people believe to have pain with breast cancer

I wish you all the best for your treatment



Have Lobular and on femara - pain started about 3 weeks in and am assured tis not unusual.  Do ask  your team tho’ ro make sure is OK

All the best.

Whhops re - previous , apologies my mind is in a bit of a tiz and I hadn’t realised that you had already asked your surgeon. Hope very much that your op is successful.

Hi Ellies

I had breast pain and just the same thing as you. It hurt alot when touched so that is how I went to the doctors to find out about mine.  Im afraid that I had to have surgery, chemo and radiotherapy. After surgery, I joined a chemo thread which helped me realise that you are not alone. I hope that yours has not spread to the lymph nodes as mine did.  I also know how hard it is to wait for surgery.  pm me if you want to