invasive ductal cancer

Hi Ladies, I was diag. about 4 weeks ago and yday went for my 1st chemo am grade 3 of invasive ductal and am on 4 chemo and 4 tax before an op then rads. The waiting and worry takes over yr life but thankfully I now feel I have started my long journey to recovery. Good job i have been reading these sites or I wouldnt have been aware of the coil that some of us ned fitting in our boob to check shrinkage after chemo. on tues I saw my onc. and asked him about it and he was surprised that I hadnt had it fitted!!! He made the apt for yday, same day as my 1st chemo! At hosp for 830am, had coil fitted, ouch, flippin ouch, then a mamogram to see if it was in the right place…no comment. My chemo was for 1140 so my daughter and I had a sandwich to waste some time then to onc dept for my appt. I didnt actually get into the chemo suite until 230 as my meds wasnt ready from the lab!!! all done and dusted by 445. That was a day and a half, shattered doing nothing. Have been waiting 4 sickness to begin but so far so good. Am religiously taking sickness tabs no matter what. Can it kick in several days later or should i be ok? Next chemo on 14 aug, roll on… Am also on sick leave now and on full pay (only 27 hours) then half pay for next 6 months, oh joy, will call benefits to c what I need to do. I have a liver test next tues then hair cut b4 it falls out!

Love n thoughts to everyone, hope u dont mind me joining in,

chris x

Hi Chris,

Sorry to hear about your diagnosis…I am similar to you, grade 3, IDC but treatment the other way round. I had Mastectomy first and just had 2nd FEC chemo yesterday - 2 more to go!, then I have 4 x tax and then 5 weeks of rads. Funny how everyone seems to have totally different treatment eh.
How are you getting on with the chemo. I didn’t find it too bad, felt really tired and sick for first 4 days but really not as bad as I expected. This 2nd time round has been much better, just the tiredness to contend with.
With the sickness, what worked for me was lots of water and snacking (it felt like pregnancy sickness) and little and often really helped.
Hope you are doing OK.
This site is for all of us to use, you are totally entitled to join in and I really hope you get all the support you need.
Good luck and a hug
Hayley x

Hi Hayley,
tku 4 yr reply. I seem to be ok 2nd day after 1st chemo, trying to drink more and am eating well so far, maybe a bit too well! Yes it is puzzling why everyone has things done in a different order but I’m sure the docs have their reasons even if it leaves us pondering!! For me, I think they want to shrink the tumour and anything else that maybe lurking bfore op, as apparently couldnt have chemo for a few weeks after op so they decided to zap me first. Going to drink some more water then another snooze. My 2 old dogs get me up 5,30-6 as they need the loo, bless them. It comes to us all…
Love n thoughts to all
Chris xxx