Invasive ductal- help

Hi, Having found a lump 7 weeks ago, a mammogram was clear however a scan and biopsies confirmed last week Invasive ductal breast cancer 2.7mm grade 3. Had an MRI yesterday and an appointment scheduled on Monday with consultant who I think is going to a panel meeting beforehand to discuss treatment plan but it depends what the receptors come back as?. I’ve had various lady issues since 13 (now 42) and had a mirena coil back in the spring time instead of a partial hysterectomy but still having complications with that. So won’t be surprised if it’s hormones related.

What is treatment likely to be? How long? Would they sort Gynae bits too?
Lots of questions but feeling lost and alone.
I’m not even sure what I’m asking right now but the waiting is just awful.

I have a 4 year old daughter and 18 year old lad and so scared they are going to see me poorly. What about school run? Doing homework and playing? All of my family are just so upset and it’s always been my role to keep everyone happy and organised.

Has anyone else had similar please? Thank you for reading xxx


Hello @polly3

I’ve literally just been diagnosed yesterday with the same type of cancer and I’m er+.
Mine is 15mm grade 3 and not in my lymph nodes. Surgery is booked for the 11th of December.

I have a Mirena coil and cysts on my ovaries that are currently being watched for growth. I actually have a scan next Wednesday.

I did ask the question about what effect this will have on my ovaries, but they said this will be discussed.

Hopefully they will discuss this with you as well.
Take care

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I had a grade 3, 32 mm lump so very similar to your size and makeup. I was hormone positive also. If you end up being hormone positive, if they feel your nodes are clean you’ll go to surgery first, do a sentinel lymph node biopsy for pathology purposes, test the cancer when removed to get an oncotype score, and after pathology and the score comes back decide if chemo and/or radiation would be useful. For me, active treatment ended up being a five month process including initial surgery and chemo. It went by quick and although was hard, it was also quite doable. I really didn’t miss a beat with my kids but I had plenty of support and help. You can definitely use a community when diagnosed. At any rate I am so sorry you’ve joined our rather large, hideous club but us members are awesome and if you have any questions or concerns continue reaching out here.


Hi ladies, sorry you are going through this experience :pensive:.
Is very hard to accept the diagnosis, but I advised everyone to wait till all investigation are done and all scans and blood test results, the breast Cancer team will explain all the steps are coming.
This forum is very helpful and supportive :smiling_face:, you will find lots of information and similar diagnosis and treatment. Go to search up and add a word from your question and you will see all the posts topics about.
Don’t worry about treatment, BC is treatable and all the way is long but tolerable.
Noone body is the same and you have to take everything is coming day by day. The plan for treatment will be make by your BC team you just open a diary and ask questions about everything you are worried. They are prepared for that and will answer to all. Keep the diary and there also you will right your appointments and treatment.
Don’t be worried about to ask questions or concerns please always ask advice to your BC nurse, there will be a phone number for you to call during the day for anything you want to ask :revolving_hearts:
Treatment is different from person to person but think we all go through and is doable. No worries about you will be fine, and if side effects coming the nurse should be informed and she will help immediately or you will be trained in advance what medicine to take for the side effects. All medications for your treatment you will have prescribed in advance for your treatment. So don’t worry.
There are lots of information but for that reason I am telling you open the diary with your BC team and take each day step by step. Don’t overthink and try to keep positive and strong. We are in the same boat. Kids will notice you are tired and sometimes upset but that’s depends of you. Mine are around yours children age , I have 3 , but I was able to take care them, to do household, to drive, to cook, you will have bad days too but all can be tolerated.
Be strong and healthy :pray::heart::muscle:
Big :hugs:



Hi polly. My diagnosis was similar to yours, when I found a lump in July. Since then I’ve had a left side mastectomy at the end of September, 4 weeks on letrozole to reduce hormones whilst I wait for chemo to start in next couple of weeks.
I haven’t had a proper meltdown, only a few private ‘moments’. I just want to get on with the next stage of treatment which is 6 cycles of chemo, so I can get my life back. I still have radiotherapy and reconstruction after that.
The main thing is that I’m still here, feeling ok physically, although apprehensive about what’s coming because it’s unknown to me. But I’ll get through it, and so will you.
Helen x


Hi positivepants.
I wonder what your oncologist opinion of your mirena is. I’m 57 and had mine in 9 years ago. At the time my dr said it could just stay there indefinitely due to my age then, but after my cancer dx in August and ongoing treatment my onc says it needs to be removed. My same dr was perplexed as the hormones will have long gone,but did as requested. Unfortunately the strings broke, so now she’s had to refer me to gynae. I don’t know what happens now. It seems to have got more complicated.

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Hi. I am sorry to hear you are going through this. The one thing I wanted to try to offer some reassurance about is the children.
I was diagnosed in March, had a mastectomy in April and now on letrozole.
I did my best to carry on as normal and gave the children facts as and when we had them. That said, there were obviously difficult times and they saw me crying at times.
Well, the other day (six months post op), I said to my youngest “after the year we’ve had……” talking about something or other and he replied “What’s happened this year?” I actually loved that response! Whilst it has been all consuming for me, it hasn’t for him and I’m so pleased about that.
Wishing you and your family all the very best xx

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