? Invasive grade 3 diagnosis

Hi all, 

I attended local breast care clinic for lump 29th July after tests left positive thinking it was only fibroid…only to get the news this week I have Invasive BC suspected grade 3…although caught early my HER2 is - which is good news but I’m due to have a lumpectomy next Friday and Sentinile lymph nodes removal. They believe I will need chemo due to my younger age…even talked about donating my hair  …I feel like I’m in a fog. everything moving quick (good I know) but I’m overwhelmed xx 

Kelli Glad you’ve reached out on here, sorry you find yourself here though. Once diagnosed everything seems to move at lightning speed and it’s like being in a daze while the rest of the world carry’s on and you are trying to process everything and get to grips with treatments ahead. Breast Cancer Now and all the threads are here Do use all the facilities Breast Cancer snow can support you with and do ask away on here, join the threads and step by step you will :two_women_holding_hands: get through with others who are stepping on the path too An inspirational story is Mountain Lion by strawberry blonde in hope and inspiration bit, helped loads of us over the years Do everything your way, you are what matters, you probably don’t feel in control but you are and amazing that you have looked into little Princess trust to donate your hair Lots of us on here did that, turned a negative into a positive Others will be along to offer :two_women_holding_hands: We are here as much or as little as you need us :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Kelli

I remember how you are feeling very well, my diagnosis was 15 June and so very unexpected. Fog is a good choice of word, that is how I felt. I read the forums and could not wrap my head around any of the posts. I had so many questions and such a feeling that life will never be the same. As time has gone on I have found my own pace and rhythm. Be prepared for change and the anguish of the waiting game - these are areas I have struggled with. Give yourself plenty of time, just to take it all in, sitting quietly, yoga, mindfulness all help to clear the fog for me. I have kept a journal - nothing formal or chronological, just notes, thoughts, soundbites, songs I like, funny/sad/angry experiences - I like to write things down. Slowly you too will find a way through the fog. Think is minutes, hours not days or weeks - just take your time. I now find the forum a lifeline, I like I can reach out to those who I can remember how I felt. 

Wishing you all the very best, hugs