Inverted left nipple

Well reading everyone’s stories I decided to go to my gp after seriously weeks of worrying. I went with lots of symptoms which I have thought were connected, inverted left nipple - sometimes half, sometimes flat but can always be pulled/tweaked back to normal, itching on my breast along with itching on my thighs and other areas intermittent. Due to my age and recently going back on to the contraceptive pill, I was worrying that all may be connected and was either something hormonal or maybe something more sinister. I tried to explain my worries to one of my gps but she wasn’t listening and said my breast examination was normal and I needed to make a further appointment to discuss menopause etc. Although she says my breast examination is normal, how does she know what was normal for me? I noticed a change in nipple appearance, so that is not normal for me!! I’m terrified anyway, and now don’t know what to do from here on??? Any suggestions?? Thank you

Hi Rebecca,
Most likely it is nothing to worry about, but that’s not the point. If you have a breast change that is not normal for you, then it does need to be checked out, otherwise it will just play on your mind.
Can you see another gp, as you’re obviously not happy with the consultation. Stress, this is a new change for your breast, its not normal for you & you would like it properly checked out at the breast clinic.
Mostly all turns out to be well, but the clinic can get to the bottom of it.
ann x

Hi, I don’t post much on here now days but still have a read and just wanted to say go back and see another GP, if you can, or go back to your own GP and insist they reffer you. Chances are its nothing sinister but you need to put your mind at rest. I hope you don’t mind me telling my story and I don’t want to scare you in any way, I went to my GP with the same, my nipple started to become inverted,sometimes just seemed more flat. The same area in my breast started to itch but I couldnt feel any lump as such although I could feel a type of thickning. My GP said it didn’t present as BC and she wasn’t worried. I could of took her word for it, which I’m sure many would and gone away,  but having seen my mum have the same symptoms I told her and she agreed to reffer me. Mine was cancer, I did think it was because of my mum. I had all the treatment and am fine now. Wishing you all the best Xx

Brand new to all this but thought I’d sign up. I’ve had an inverted left nipple for last couple of months but it’s been mainly after working out/running. After the dreaded ‘googling’ it seemed to imply that at age 42, milk ducts can shrink and cause this so I thought I’d just keep a check. Just over a week ago, I noticed a very obvious localised lump behind the left nipple. Due to ‘circumstances’ I’ve left it a week and now am hoping to see doctor tomorrow. I’ve been so healthy that I only registered last week with a doctor for first time in 5 years. Now I’m actually quite scared. I’ve never been even slightly ill in the last 7years and now…

Hi Sarah,
Well, you’ve done the right thing by getting it checked out. Mostly it’s nothing serious. See what your GP says, s/he may refer you to get it properly checked out at the breast clinic, so try not to worry if this happens, it’s usual procedure. Best to avoid google as it only creates unnecessary anxiety. Use this site for any info.
ann x