Inverted nipple help

I have had an inverted nipple after research is say grade 1 inversion on one breast for a few weeks now. Just come back from GP explained everything of how I stopped breastfeeding my son about 2 months ago etc and then I said it doesn’t invert all the time, it does when I am in bed but as soon as I get up each morning it comes out on its own but then throughout the day it goes and out…it does usually come out easily on its own doesn’t. As soon as I said this his voice changed to a more “oh right” (higher more happier voice) he examined me and said he couldn’t feel any lumps or see any other physical symptoms etc so he was happy in that respect. I have been put on the 2 week urgent referral list which I knew I would be before going… however is it slightly more hopeful with what my nipple does on its own and with light touching like I explained to my doctor or not is it more of a worry that it can do that?

Ashleigh,sorry you haven’t had a reply - Imay be worth asking this question in the Ask the Nurses section .When is your clinic appointment ? Please let us know how you get on .Best wishes Jill x