Inverted nipple to protruding nipple...

I have had inverted nipples my whole life, I’m now 40 years old. The last month or so my right nipple has been protruding most of the time. It’s sensitive to the touch and itches, not an itch you can scratch,but a deep itchy burn feeling. I brought it up to my Dr and he said " o, that’s not good, at all. I’d like a mammogram ASAP"  I tried looking up what that could mean but unfortunately inverted nipples are not so common so I can not find anything that talks about inverted to protruding, only protruding to inverted. Has anyone else had an experience with this or maybe knows someone who has? 

I don’t know anyone who has experience with it, but it is always a good idea to get breast changes checked out. The vast majority of the time it’s simply benign changes so try your best not to worry and let us know if you have any further questions or just need to vent. You did the right thing to get it checked out and your doctor did the right thing to refer you. Good luck!

While rearranged areolas seldom immediately change to distending, it’s vital to have any progressions in your bosoms or areolas analyzed by a specialist. The responsiveness and tingling you are encountering could have different causes, some of which might be harmless, however precluding any potential basic issues is fundamental. Your primary care physician’s suggestion for a mammogram is a standard method for additional assessment of bosom wellbeing. Mammograms can assist with distinguishing any irregularities, for example, masses or changes in bosom tissue. It’s significant not to rush to make judgment calls or accept the most horrendously awful, as many bosom changes end up being harmless. Notwithstanding, it’s urgent to circle back to the prescribed tests to guarantee your wellbeing and prosperity. Mybkexperience