Inverted nipple

I noticed 2 months ago my left nipple was indented only a little bit I put it down to the bra and forgot about it. Today I noticed again this time it looked worse and I pulled it out and was a bit clamy no discharge. When I took my bra off nipple went back to normal(out) but it dosnt feel the same as the right nipple a bit more thicker not as smooth and now I have pain in the breast I don’t know if its from me over checking it or something worse. I no this is a sign of BC and I’m panicking I’m 31 my nan has had BC twice and just had a mastectomy. I am feeling nervous about making a doctors app what do they do examination wise?. 

Hi Star 101

I think anything unusual about our breasts needs to be checked out - often it is not sinister, but without getting checked you won’t know and you will be anxious anyway. If it is nothing to worry about you will have your mind put at ease, and if by chance it is breast cancer then the sooner it is identified and treated the better. Breast cancer is very treatable. 

My experience of going to the gp was that they do the sort of breast check that we ourselves would do when checking our breasts - feeling round, and feeling under the arms to see if there are any lumps and bumps. Nothing to be concerned about at all, but if you felt more comfortable you could always see if there is a female gp at your practice. The gp may then refer you to the breast clinic just to be on the safe side where they can do further tests. If they do this, don’t assume they think you have cancer - often ladies come onto this site and say they have been to the clinic and it has shown they have a benign (non-cancerous) condition. Best thing to do is get on the phone on Monday and get the gp appointment made. I know it’s easy to say, but try not to worry too much. xxxxxx

Hi Star ,you can ask to see a lady doctor in the practice if you would feel more comfortable but you need to get it checked for your peace of mind don’t you ?

Hi Star,

please make an appointment with your GP and get their advice, like others have said you may be refered to a breast clinic but at least you will have done something about what you feel is different with your breast.  better to make that first step and make that appointment.

I visited my gp on friday for the first time with an inveryed nipple and other symptoms that i had become aware of in April.

I wasn’t worried about the gp appointment I think my thinking was if I don’t make the appointment and make it official I can continue  telling myself that my breast willl be back to normal tomorrow,  I also didnt want to take up my drs time or be making a fuss about nothing.

I have been referred to the breast unit and yes I admit i did have a wee panic but my GP as great as she is, she’s not a breast specialist and I would rather be checked out thoroughly.


so please make that first step and let us know how you get on.

Thankyou for the replies I did see them which motivated me to get a doctors appointment. I have been and the doctor just asked me to take bra down so she could see the nipples and agreed one did look flatter than the other so gave me a referral to breast clinic. Im glad she referred me straight away without her doing a examination as I was with my 3 year old which would of been awkward.  I have now made an appt with them for next Friday wish it was sooner. The doctor said its unlikely at my age to be sinister and more likely to be structural (whatever that means).

I have been checking my affected breast like mad and now I think I can feel somthing but not a lump that is round or moves it feels stuck to the breast tissue. I. Can’t tell though as my breast are a bit lumpy any way. Im thinking all sorts now and its all very negative.

Am glad that you seen your gp and that it was straight forward for you getting the referral and that you have a date for your appointment.
You have done all the right things and hopefully the days leading to your appointment will pass quickly. Try and stay focused on the here and now and not the what if’s. Easier said than done I know.
Great support on here so remember you are not alone. X

Thank you happy, sorry to read your news hope things get better for you soon. X

I had my scan today and I was a nervous wreck had to wait 30 mins in the cancer unit surrounded by cancer leaflets and wigs didn’t help my nerves.
The doctor checked my breasts and didn’t feel anything but sent me for ultrasound just to be sure. Ultrasound showed fluid in the ducts and was told I had duct estastia. I am very relieved it’s nothing sinister.
I am not sure what has caused this but normally happens to menopausal women, may ask to get my hormones checked but it’s nothing in comparison to what could of been and what others here are going through.
Will definitely stay breast aware now and have no hesitation in getting checked if any further problems happen. No where near as embarrassing or scary as I thought getting checked would be.

Thank you
I am so happy for you that you got answers today and that it’s not sinister x

Hi ladies, I have recently noticed an inverted nipple on my right Brest with itching and the nipple tissue seems thicker also. I saw my gp yesterday who has referred me to the breast clinic but I have to say I am incredibly anxious

Thanks Ann, I will just be glad when I get my appointment and get the all clear but with the wieght loss and other symptoms I just keep thinking the worse

I now have my appointment for the 26th at 3:15pm so just a waiting game now

Hi Jackie
Glad you have received your appointment.
Hopefully you will get answers on the 26th. The waiting is one of the hardest parts. So use the forum as it’s a great support. X

Thanks happygolucky, I am so worried I have also discover that I have swelling under my arm and a little swelling just under my callorbone I know I shouldn’t keep googling but I am not sleeping. I just wish the appointment would hurry up…then on the other hand I am not sure if I want to know