Inverted nipples

Hi I’m new to this website and was hoping somebody could offer me some reassurance or advice. I’m 31 with a 5 year old daughter, I went to my doctor yesterday because I noticed a small amount of thick white discharge inside my nipples nearly every day for the last couple of weeks.

There was no discharge so the doctor was unable to take a swap to test. Whilst exmaining me I explained that I had always had one inverted nipple but that I have noticed other the last year that it had got worse - to be honest I’ve never thought anything of it as it had always been inverted I didn’t think it was strange that it got worse. She suddenly said have you noticed that your other nipple has started to become inverted? This was a surprise as I had never noticed. After checking for lumps and not finding any she then said she would make a appointment for me at a Breast Clinic. She also arranged for blood tests including my prolactin level which I went for today.

My appointment at the clinic is not for 5 weeks and of course the first thing I did when I got home was googled inverted nipples. I am now panicking that I could have BC and can’t think of anything else. Since coming back from the doctors I’m now wondering if the fact that my nipples have been itchy for sometime could be another sign - I completly forgot to mention this to the doctor.

Can anyone give me any advice on whether it could be anything other BC as 5 weeks seems like a life time away. Sorry for the long message.


Hi Magpie
One day about this time last year, I was sat at my desk at work when I felt something like a pin prick on my nipple. When I went to check it, it was that there was the iniest drop of blood which had dried and the bra had pulled away making is sting a bit. The blood was a tiny speck, and I blamed the seam on the new bra I was wearing. It didnt bleed again, but it did draw my attention to the nipple. It looked sort of ‘flattened’ and had what looked like a tiny crust on it - I thought it was just like a little scab healing. But after a few weeks it didnt heal, and so I went off to visit the GP. There were no lumps. I did have breast cancer - it was the early stage DCIS (the cancer was localised and hadnt developed the ability to spread yet) and started to move out to the nipple (Pagets dicease of the nipple), so I was lucky it was caught very early.

However, after the initial shock (I had expected to be sent off with some cream or anti-biotic!), I started to think about how long it had been like that. And, yes, it had been like that for quite some time - I could go back a year and know that it was like that, but dont know before then.

Five weeks is a long time. It is likely that you have been referred as ‘routine’ and not ‘urgent’. Your blood test should come back quite quickly - why dont you wait until you get those results. If they are normal then that has eliminated hormonal changes (I think, I am no expert), then I would chase up your breast clinic appt and GP for an earlier appt. There are other things that can be causing this, but having been through the past year, and coming out the other side with an excellent prognosis, I would recommend that you find out as quickly as possible just in case.
Stay positive though, I am only here because I want to help other ladies with my experiences, but those women who have had similar symptoms and not diagnosed with bc, are getting on with their lives elsewhere and logging onto ebay or something else and probably wont reply! :wink:

Please let us know how you get on though.

Lisa X

Hi Lisa

Thank you for your reply, scary all the same but lik you same people who have had similar symptoms but not been diagnosed with bc will no longer bother logging on to here so I most keep positive. Five weeks is such a long time it has felt like a lifetime since I went to the doctors on Tuesday and I have been very snappy with my daughter bless her. I tried to get a early with the clinc yesterday with no luck and I don’t know if there is anyway I can persude the GP to put me through as urgent. I’ve been checking with my family history this week and my nan’s sister had bc I’ve no idea if this increases my chances of getting it?

Until this week I never really thought about people getting bc without having a lump and I suspect that is how most people think.

I’m really pleased that you have had a excellent prognosis following what most of been a big shock. I only hope if mine does turn to be bc I have as much luck.

I must go to work now haven’t been there since I went to the GP as my daughter has been ill so I’ve had too much time to think hopefully being busy today will help.

Take care


Hi Shelly

Now that you have realised you didn’t mention the itching, I think you should get back in touch with your GP and let her know. It may be that she can contact the breast clinic and change your referral to an urgent one so that you are seen within 2 weeks.

BTW I’ve always had one nipple that inverts so one day I mentioned it to my BCN (as I had DCIS in other breast) and she told me that if it inverts and then comes back out it is okay but if always inverted could do with being looked at.


Hi Suze & Lisa

My daughter didn’t manage a full day at school so had to leave work but this turned out to be a good thing as I read through some of the NICE report and it said that all people that develop a inverted nipple should be referred as a urgent case. So I called my GP back amazing once you mention a regulation you get referred for a urgent appointment!!! I also found out from my mum that my nan’s sister got bc in her thirties in one breast then 5/6 years later got it in the other, I mentioned this to the doctor as well. She said I would receive a call within 1 week and be offered a appointment within 2 weeks.

I feel strangly relieved though I’m sure this won’t last long as I still face the prospect of having bc. Suze - that’s reassuring that if a inverted nipple does come back out it should be okay as mine do. Here’s hoping I’ve got nothing to worry about. How are doing with your treatment?

I will let you know how I get on, thank you both for your advice and support.


Hi Shelley
Good for you, chasing up an earlier appointment.
Stay positive and dont dwell on it.

Have you noticed that it is generally a human instinct to concentrate on the negative and forget the positive.
It is easily done - and I did it too, even before I had anything to worry about!! :wink:
Be aware also that there is normally more bad news posted than good!
Your appt will come soon enough. Try to do something nice in the meantime… and when you get good news, then please let us all know!!!

Lisa X

Hi Lisa

Your right I wish we programmed to just think about all the good things rather than the bad!!!

My boyfriend has been great since this has all happened even though we’ve only been together since May, we are going to look at houses to move in together today which is great I’m excited and it is really taking my minds off things!!

I hope I have some good news at the end of all this and if I do I will post it incase somebody else has the same problem.

BTW can anyone tell me what to expect at the appointment, I’m going to the clinic at St Albans has anyone been there what is it like??


Hi Magpie and welcome to the forums,

I am sure you will continue to receive support and information form your fellow forum users, you may also find it helpful to read the BCC booklet about being referred to a breast clinic. It can be found by following the link below:-

Please do call the helpline if you feel it would help to talk your concerns through with someone in confidence, the line is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm on 0808 800 6000.

Best wishes

Hi Magpie,
I always think that anyone with breast problems should be seen at a breast clinic, but not 5 wks later i would tell tell the doc you want an urgent referral, my daughter has one inverted nipple and if she had to have any other problems i would want them checked out asap.
Having said that they do say 9 out of 10 problems are benign so try not to worry to much.
Good Luck

Sorry Magpie i only read the top couple of posts (too eager to give my advice).
When you go to the clinic you will be seen by a doctor who will examine you and ask you some questions then he will decide what tests need to be done, at most hospitals they will do the tests on the one day but you might not be gauranteed a result, you may have to go back the following wk for that.
Good on you for getting that earlier appointment.

Hi everyone

Just to let you all know that the clinic called today and my appointment is this Friday. I have now gone from being relieved to scared shitless!!!

Fingers crossed that all is well and I will let you all know how I get on.


Hi Shelly
Try not to dwell on it too much this week.
Friday will come soon enough.
You will be in good hands no matter what the cause is, so try not to worry.

Do something nice or treat yourself.
The week before my recon, I went out and splashed out on a pair of boots from Clinkards for £80!


Ooh new boots a girl after my own heart!!

I am so tired today I’m not sleeping well and I know I have been a real cow to live with this week.

I just want Friday to be over with.