Iron supplements during chemo?

Having been completely wiped out since my third round and having super low blood pressure, despite eating really healthily I decided to get an iron supplement with B12 when in the supermarket the other day… I had previously asked my oncologist if I can have supplements like vitamin B and D and he had said so long as I didn’t get anything on an unknown online website he was fine with it - I didn’t ask about iron specifically. Now I’m just doing some online searches to check it’s ok and there is mixed info with some indication iron can be problematic. Does anyone have any advice they received from their breast care team please? I’m seeing nurses Thurs and have chemo Friday so will let them know but just wondered if I should stop or continue - I definitely feel better…

My breast cancer team said unequivocally no. Iron has been specifically mentioned in an anti-oxidant study to possibly cause chemo to be less effective. They think cancer cells, just like our regular cells, use anti-oxidants to protect themselves from damage. So I had to stop taking my D and they told me not to take anything else. I can’t even drink green tea. 

Maybe red meat instead? Dietary anti-oxidants they want you to have but it has to come from your diet.

Oh! I just realized who I had responded to!! And that we’ve had this conversation before. Please excuse me for repeating myself but I’m so sorry you are continuing to struggle with fatigue. It sucks. Here’s a summation of the study though, Greenbird, And of course because you are wise, you will make the best decision for you.

And how the crap is your chemo coming up so quickly?? I thought you had a week’s break. Has it already been two weeks? Maybe you just need a break in chemo? Some time for your blood to rebound?