Irosustat Drug for ER Positive Breast Cancer


Has anyone been offered Irosustat as well as hormone tablets (letrozole etc) to treat their secondaries? I was diagnosed recently with secondaries in bones and a new tumour in breast.

My Oncologist, who I have my first appointment with next month to discuss treatment, has been involved in a trial using the above drug.

When I googled it apparently most breast cancers need estrogen to grow and there are two ways  in which the body  can make it. Previously they were only able to use a hormone drug to block one of these places but with the introduction of irosustat  they are hoping to prove that they can also block the other one and stop the cancer from growing.

I will obviously ask him the question when I see him, but just wondered if anyone else had heard of it or is taking it?

I have not heard of this, but very interested. I will have to Google it. I don’t have an oncologist appt til Nov, but will put it on my list of questions. Thanks! Please let us know what else you find out. FF