Irregular lump at site of previous abscess

Hi all. I’m currently pregnant, early on in pregnancy around 9 weeks I got a red mark of my breast. I was advised it was an abscess and took antibiotics for a week. It always left a red mark and I thought nothing of it, anyway now 34 weeks pregnant there seems to be an irregular lump in the very same spot. Has anyone had this? I’m going to try get gp appt tomorrow but imagine there will be a wait

Hi Klouise77,

I’m sorry to hear you have noticed a lump on your breast and do hope you are able to get a doctor’s appointment soon. Hopefully one of our members will be along to respond to your post - in the meantime you might also want to post in the Ask Our Nurses section of the forum or give our free Helpline a call on 0808 800 6000 where our amazing nurses will be able to offer some advice. 

All the best,

Helena at Breast Cancer Care