Irregular shaped, 'stoney' type lump(s)

Hi all I’ll try to keep this short as I have a tendency to ramble on… I am 45 years old. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and both ovaries removed 12 months ago. This was for adenomyosis/endometriosis. I am on a low dose combined HRT tablet daily.

I have had breast lumps in the past, all benign, but this one has a different texture, so I’m more concerned.

First lump removed when I was 19. Fibroadenoma. I found a lump about 8 years ago, but core biopsy showed it as normal. About 6 years ago, I had a large cyst, which was drained there and then. At that time, they discovered that my previous lump had grown in size so they decided to remove it. I believe there was mention of the changes being pre-cancerous, but my memory is a bit fuzzy on that.

This time, the lump feels entirely different to any of the others. It has an irregular shape and texture. I think there could be more than one; it’s hard to tell if it’s one, very irregular, gravelly type lump, or a cluster of small, individual bits of ‘gravel’!

I saw a GP yesterday evening and he’s doing the two week referral.

My questions are, can anyone give any insight to this type of lump? The GP (a new one, who I met for the first time) said it felt cystic, but having had a large cyst before, to me, it feels totally different.

Also, as it has been a long time, I can’t remember whether my hospital does a one stop shop clinic. It’s the University Hospital Coventry & Warwickshire. I looked on their website but the info was poor for such a huge hospital!

For some reason, I feel more worried this time. I know I have to play the waiting game, but could do with a bit of advice/support.

I should have said about the second lump. At the time when I went back, they did a core biopsy and said they’d only remove it if there was a good reason. I was taken into hospital the following week for a lumpectomy, hence my fuzzy memory on the precancerous cells bit… I think they said it was changing, so best to get it removed.

Sorry if I sound impatient, but I’m gutted to have no responses yet. I guess that’s my anxiety getting the better of me. :frowning:

Hi MelMc and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure you will soon have support here and in addition please feel free to call our helpliners to talk through your concerns, our team are on hand with emotional and practical support to help you through this worrying time, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Saturday on 0808 800 6000

Take care
Lucy BCC

Hi Mel, I’m sorry that I cannot be any help whatsoever to you but hopefully someone will be along soon to answer your questions, it’s such an awful time the waiting, hopefully your news will be good, take care and do keep posting, big hugs to you xx 

Hi Katy. Thanks. I got a call earlier with an appt for 1st Nov. If I’m honest, I’m too stressed to wait that long! I’m very lucky as my other half has private health care through work, so I have now got an appt for this Thursday evening!!! I’m over the moon I only have to wait 2 days. I’m fortunate to be in that position. I’ll report back afterwards to say how it went. I have everything crossed! X

That’s brilliant that you don’t have to wait too long, fingers and toes crossed, will be thinking of you, just keep busy and try not to think too much, easier said than done!! Take care xx

Thanks! I’ve booked tomorrow off work as I can’t focus at the moment! I might have a pamper day… Bath, candles and wine!!! Will post something tomorrow evening, though not expecting to get too much info by then. Xx

Hi Lulu34. I’m finding it hard to tell, because it seems to vary dependent on the angle. Upright, I can feel two lumps next to each other; one feels grainy but not sharp, whereas the other feels quite sharp edged. If I lie in my left or right side, they feel a bit different! I can definitely feel 2, but maybe 3 when I lie on my right side… Of course it might just be one that’s spread out all over the place!!! I guess there’s no point in guessing or supposing. I hope I’ll learn something tomorrow, for better or worse. I think either way, knowing something has to beat the waiting game! The irony is, I only found the lump(s) by accident after I woke up from a dream where I had a boil on the outside of my right breast!!! I turned over in bed and my hand just landed on this lump!!! How’s that for weird!!! I think it was fate, as I’d never have found it upright in the shower… I’ll let you know how it goes. You all do an amazing job on here. Inspirational. X

Thanks Lulu. I’m having a bad day today with worry. I don’t think it’s a papilloma due to the shape and no discharge. Today, I think is one of the worst. Playing with my daughter on the Wii and losing my patience! Just need a result, good or bad! Just need something to work with! xx

Hi to all who have been in touch,


i have today been diagnosed with camcer, however I am lucky as it’s a relatively ‘good’ type! I need to get my head around it all, but then I dare say I’ll move onto the next forum…


Thanks for everyone’s support up to now. You all do an amazing job on here. xxx