Hi All

I’m a week on from my 4th FEC and am suffering very few side effects, or at least they are manageable… BUT I’m so irritable sometimes! I mutter at people in the street to get out of my way and literally sometimes want to tell people on the bus to stand up and let me sit down!

I’m not the most patient person at the best of times but I’m out of control at the; moment… Does anyone else feel extremely irritable?

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

Not as far as you as only had 2nd FEC, but I am well grumpy and irritable quite a lot, and not got that much patience either. Think it is the torment of what we are having to face and go through, and takes its toll out on us this way. Reckon it must be pretty normal thing to go through, well I hope it is.

Hope you are ok though besides this, and don’t worry about other people, concentrate on yourself, and if you want to mutter at them, DO IT. If it makes you feel better then what the heck.

Take care

Thanks Dawn.

I’m fine besides, hope you’re doing OK today.

Grrr! It’s quite funny really, I’m like the female version of Victor Meldrew! It probably is just knowing what you’ve got and knowing others probably aren’t going through it and just getting so cross with them!

I’ll try to contain myself on the way home tonight, but if there aren’t any seat on the bus… oh dear, I dread to think!

Cecelia. x


I was like you, getting very irritable. I think part of it was down to the fatigue but little things just wound me up. So you are not alone.

Good luck with the 4th FEC. I had my last one yesterday - hurray. Surgery now on 2nd Oct

Sharon x