Hi everyone on Chemo thread for starting Chemo in December 2018. Not sure how to start a new topic with a fresh topic/post, so maybe I’ve got this right. 

We all have loads of different SEs and I know that mine are nowhere near as extensive and dreary as others, but this one is getting me down!

It’s Valentine’s Day and I’ve already bitten the head off my husband, despite a lovely card etc. I have apologised but he’s hurt!

Problem is I am so irritable and there’s unfocussed anger mixed in there, too. Is this the Chemo at this stage? Others talk of a lull in the middle and I had my 3rd cycle starting (of a projected six) a week ago today.

Also, the red flushing like horrible sunburn is lasting even longer this time - just toning down now - and covers face, chest, top of back and arms down to elbows this time. Makes me look really weird!

Hi MaryK

I don’t know about the side effects yet as I am not starting chemo until next week. But I feel emotional today I think it’s feeling vulnerable on special days likee Valentine’s. I can’t help being morbid and wondering if I I will see another one. Also our son is 40 on Tuesday so we are off out for lunch now. I am going to try and have a good happy day trying to live in the moment. But it’s not easy. X