Is a cold anything to worry about?


For the first time in months I have a cold. Is having a cold while on chemo (just had my fourth) dangerous? I’m sneezing and have a runny nose but don’t have a temperature - yet.

Look forward to hearing from anyone.



My hospital always call me in to have bloods checked. I have a cold too and they just checked I don’t have an infection and not neutropenic etc. Better be safe than sorry.

Em x


I had a temperature at night and by the next day I felt bad, rung the treatment centre and they advised me to see my gp asap. When I went I had a chest infection!!

I have been for chemo today and have a runny nose, my bloods were a little low but no temp and they said it was fine, so no worries.

If you have a contact No for the hosp/treatment centre then I’d call them, just for your own peace of mind.

Take care of you, Jo xoxo


I would check with your chemo nurses if you can if they are not there do you have other numbers to call to advise. I think it depends on what day you are on and what your bloods are like if they give you antibiotics. but best to check

Hope you feel better soon Jaynexx

I had my second fec yesterday, have had a rotton cold for the past week which had gone to my chest. The oncologist told me off for not ringing the help line, I dont like to bother the experts for just a cold. He had a good listen to my chest and has put me on amoxil for 5 days but was happy for the chemo to go ahead. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in before my bloods drop. Talking of bloods all of mine were better than before i started chemo, Is that a good thing?. Also started taking anti sickness last night and just feeling a bit ikki, not like last time so fingers crossed I wont be hugging the loo again. Hope you all have a lovely weekend in the sunshine.

Was told to ring in with any signs of cold, chesty cough etc just to be on the safe side even when no temp.
Hope you get better Sally! xxTina

Thanks Tina, dont feel too rough just a normal cold thats gone to my chest. Been out today so quite pleased with myself. Got the shakes again like last time but they wore off before so just taking things slowly. Ive had to write a daily tablet dose and tick it off when ive taken them, my mind is all over the place. Everyone is laughing at me at home. Notes everywhere. will have to start dropping bread when i go out soon so i can find my way home. Off to watch the second half of the footie now
take care

Hope your chest clears up, but always ring in if you feel poorly, they made me promise I would, as one can get seriously sick very quickly! I need a list for everything now, especially shopping! All my kids afterschool things need charting otherwise I will forget!
Have a great weekend everyone. Tinaxxx