Is a lymph node biopsy ever good?!


So in the waiting game and results in a few days…had 6 biopsies from a breast lump and 5 or 6 from an enlarged lymph node and then a marker clip put in last week…Radiologist said very unusual with a lot of “inflammation” and really couldn’t/wouldn’t say whether benign or breast cancer likely.

trying not to agonise over outcome but that’s virtually impossible…can’t help feeling that the lymph node biopsy is a bad sign as all the posts seem to only talk about the lump and the nodes were all done later…so I guess I’m looking for whether anyone had a lymph node biopsy on their first appointment and whether anyone then got a non-cancer diagnosis…??!


Hi mixL

I’m afraid I can’t answer your question directly but 80% of breast lumps are benign and they may be being ultra-cautious. The lymph node biopsy may be because of the direction your lump is growing in and the fact that it is enlarged. My CT scan after surgery showed enlarged lymph nodes in the centre of my chest but they turned out to be nothing.

If you can, avoid the temptation of googling anything. It can be disastrous and fuels anxiety. This is a tough enough time as it is. If you have a pressing question, I really recommend ringing the number at the top - I found it very very helpful and reassuring. Meantime, I hope you get a positive outcome (but take a friend with you just in case).

Jan x

I know you posted ages ago, but I’m in a similar situation noe, where they’ve taken stuff from an enlarged lymph node and several biopsies from my lump in my boob.

I have already been in this boat 14 years ago had a mastectomy, chemo, and radio, so have been told highly likely to have it again! It is the lymph node that worries me most!

Anyway I hope you are OK xx