Is a mobile lump less worrying than fixed?

Hi -

Am new to all this. I have a 2cm lump in my right breast just beneath my nipple. The doctor says it’s mobile rather than fixed, but feels slightly ragged rather than smooth. I have no other symptoms, so no surface skin signs, no pain, no nipple discharge. I forgot to ask him if the fact it’s mobile is a good thing or not. He referred my urgently, so I have my appointment at the Breast clinic for next week, which is great as I’m lucky not to have too long to wait. If anyone’s had similar or knows more though I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Julie

Welcome to the forums, I’m sure other users will be along to support you soon.
In the meantime you may find it useful to contact our free helpline on 0808 800 6000, opening hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 – 5.00 and Saturday 9.00 – 2.00

Best wishes
June, moderator

Mine was totally mobile and smooth but the centre was a grade 3 BC. Very unusual they said. I think that if the lump is irregular that is slightly more suspicious but as you can see in my case thats not always the case.

Good luck with it all- a very worrying time with all the waiting

Thanks Evie. Sorry you didn’t have totally good news with yours. Do you mind my asking how you were diagnosed? Did you find the lump yourself? Am curious because mine varies from being quite prominent to apparently disappearing - this morning I thought I’d dreamt it all as I couldn’t find it, but now it’s as though it’s poking through my bra!

Hi Julie. My 11mm lump was mobile too. Everything I read said that cancerous lumps are normally fixed; not mine! Good luck, keep fingers crossed for you. Caro

I was breast feeding and some days it felt bigger than others but i think that depended on my milk supply!
Dont poke too much- you will drive yourself mad!!! The right people will check it out next week.

good luck

Thanks to Caro and Evie - nice of you to take the time to post. I suppose I’ll just have to wait. Have a good weekend x

Hello Juile

I understand very well what you’re going through. In the week I had before finding my lump and having bc confirmed, I spent hours feeling it, reading the internet, asking people etc. But it doesn’t make any difference.
Try not to play with it too much - they do say it’s better not to.
You’re seeing the experts next week who will find out what it is, so I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope the waiting is not too bad.
If your lump does turn out to be bc then you’ve done the right thing by getting it checked and they will be able to start treatment sooner rather than later. Just remember that 9 out of 10 lumps are benign.
Take care and keep us posted.
Anthi xxxx

Hi there,

Ive not been around for a few yrs, but thought I’d stick my 2 penneth in all the same:)

I have had mobile lumps, 3 removed so far and they all turned out to be benign, they were called Fibroadenoma, which are basically benign tumours!

I unfortunatley find myself here again. I have 3 more lumps that I can feel in both breasts, and for all I’m not in the same “state” I got myself into the first time round ( I read FAR too much on the tinternet)I still feel slightly worried that I may not be so lucky this time… which will be my 3rd trip back to the Breast Clinic :frowning:

No one can tell you other than the docs is what I’m trying to say in a slightly lkond winded way. I was fine, others with similar lumps/ symptoms were not so lucky :cry:

Kkeep us posted with how you get on, thinknig of you


My “area of concern” was not fixed and appeared very flexible. The surgeon wasn’t overly concerned at the first examination but after triple tests and core biopsy it was confirmed as ILC. But this is not common and as said before 9 out of 10 lumps are not Breast Cancer. The waiting is tough, try not to google too much information as this could make you so much more anxious! Keeping my fingers crossed for you. xxxTina