Is Anastrozole causing my breathlessness

I started taking Anastrozole on 1st April 2022 and a couple of days later I had my first dose of covid, very mild  case and I recovered quickly.

A couple of weeks go by and I developed an irritated throat, cough and became extremely breathless. I’m asthmatic, so upped my steroid inhalers, no difference. Was given a course of prednisone which stopped the breathing issues within 24 hours. Breathing problems still continued once the course of steroids was over. Asthma nurse questioned long covid, sent for a chest X-ray - clear, sputum test - clear, camera down nose/throat - clear. 

In the meantime I’m taking my Anastrozole religiously everyday. Breathing problems  continued, 53 and I can’t even walk up the stairs without gasping. Back at work fulltime and really struggling.

End up with 2 more courses of steroids, short term answer but back to square one once I stop taking them.

See my surgeon on Friday 11th Nov as a follow from my lumpectomy inAug 21, she clocks  my laboured breathing straight away and says it needs investigating and is now sending me for a CT scan.

So…do I have long covid, lesions on my lungs, or pneumonitis brought on by chemo/radiotherapy OR am I allergic to Anastrozole??? I also have 2 Herceptin injections to go.
Anyone discovered they were allergic to Anastrozole? I’m going to stop taking them for a week and see what happens. If the breathlessness is still there then I can restart them.

Im just desperate for answers.

Hi @louby_lou69 , I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing these issues.

If none of our current Forum users have this experience, I suggest you share this with our team of breast care nurses. If you prefer to write things down you can post in our Ask Our Nurses boards, or if you’d like to chat on the phone, you can reach us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm).

Sending our warmest wishes