IS ANYONE ON THIS SITE TAKING AROMASIN? I am just curious as I am taking it after taking myself of Arimidex. Roz x

Aromasin Hi Roz

I have been taking Aromasin for just over 12 months after discovery of secondaries. Only side affects for me have been the old chestnut - hot flushes (had those with tamoxifen previously) and aching joints in hands especially first thing in a morning - nothing too bad though. Have just had bone scan which shows some progression so am about to switch to Faslodex.
Good luck with Aromasin hope it works for you
Take care

I am taking Aromasin. Hi Roz

Have been taking Exemestane since April as my onc said that it would be a far better drug for me that Tamoxifen.
I seem to be in a minority as I only took Tamoxifen for 9 months before he switched me over to new drug. I did have blood test to ensure that I was Post Menopausal. I was diagnosed with early BC in Jan 2006. Grade 3 invasive. 5cm tumor but isolated to my breast. ER positive 8/8.
I was put straight into FEC 75 chemo followed by 20 doses of Radiotherapy. I was put on Tamoxifen in July. I was told last October that all traces off cancer had gone so as there was nothing left did not need any surgery.
I have found that I dont get so many hot flushes and they are’nt as severe. I do however get pains in some of my joints, particularly my ankles. I take pain killers to ease it and find that i can cope better on this drug even with the joint pain. I find that exercise can ease the joints as well and I cant be that bad as I have just returned from the Isle of wight where I walked the whole of the coastal path ( 72 miles )
in 6 days. Mind you sheer stuborness helped !!! I also have started taking supplements for my joints but have to wait for 3 months for it to get into my system to see if it works.
Overall I am happy to take this drug as I know I have a better survival rate taking it. This is just my personal opinion and everybody reacts differently to all drugs. Dont know if any of this has helped or if you want any other info.

han xx

Easing the joint pain Hi Roz

I’ve been taking Arimidex, which began my joint problems and then went on to Exemestane in the hope that the joint pains would go.

They didnt - in fact they got much worse over the first year, mainly in my knees and hands. My hands, particularly my right thumb, were becoming very crippled. Even flexing my fingers was painful and my thumb was unusable. I couldnt open jars or bottles, peel potatoes, open milk cartons - even dressing was a problem.

For the last four months though I’ve been taking glucosamine and cod liver oil. For the last two months I increased it to Seven Seas JointCare Max, which is the highest strength and I have to say that I am now, over the last week or so, improving dramatically!

I dont know if these capsules would help everyone, but the difference now is amazing, and I feel as though I’ve just learned a new trick or two - opening bottles even when I dont need to!

While I was having the pain and stiffness and swelling of my hands I couldnt find any information on other people suffering in the same way, so I really hope this message reaches anyone who needs help.

Best of luck with these tablets


Hello Roz
I am just about to start taking Aromasin. I have primary breast cancer and have had WLE, chemo and rads. I wasn’t happy about taking Tamoxifen for various reasons so my onc has put me onto Aromasin straightaway.

thanks Sue for the tip about cod liver oil and glucosamine.

Do any of you also take anything for your bones - Fosamax or one of those drugs?