Is anyone out there doing ok on hormone therapy?

I’ve not started hormone therapy yet,  although I’ve been told I’ll be put on Letrozole eventually. 


I’m reading through threads and it’s pretty depressing. The side effects sound horrific ? 


I wondered if there are any ladies who are doing well on hormone therapy,  and if so - which one! x

Hello Posden,

I am one of those ladies who is doing ok on hormone therapy. I have been on letrozole (Accord brand) for almost a year - I was started on it months before surgery in order to shrink the tumours first. I haven’t had any side effects that I’ve noticed. I also make sure I ask for the same brand each time in case I have problems. I have to take letrozole for another four years. I did have a dexa (bone density) scan a few months after starting the letrozole because of the risk of bone thinning over time. Unbeknown to me I already had some osteoporosis before I started hormone therapy so am now on medication plus calcium and vit d for that as well - again, no side effects. I’ll also go and check my blood pressure and cholesterol regularly in case they  are going up. 

I hope all goes with you for your treatment.



I don’t know if I am lucky not to have any side effects

Hi Posden

I am on letrozole and have been for eight months.  I subsequently found out I had osteoporosis, and take alendronic acid weekly.  I was already prescribed vit d and calcium twice daily, at the time I started letrozole.

I always take the same brand - I just ask my pharmacist for the same one if they give me a different one.  The one I take (Accord) is one of the cheapest and there is no problem with them swapping.  A good independent pharmacy might be an idea.

I hadn’t really had many effects when I went through the menopause naturally, but I definitely have hot flushes now, and sometimes they can be unpleasant, and actually make me feel a bit ill.  But they pass quickly.  I have pretty much stopped drinking alcohol, because I found it wasn’t helping and really didn’t make me feel all that well, either!  I have quite a bit of stiffness with it, but that could just be my age!  I noticed a little hair loss, but no one else can see anything, and in fact I have grown my hair considerably now and there is no difference to previously.  I am pretty tired, but that could be for a whole host of reasons, and I couldn’t really put it down specifically to letrozole.

I was very reluctant to start taking letrozole, and went back a couple of times to my oncologist with questions before I decided to take it.  

Overall the side effects are manageable.  I’m glad you posted, because I have read others’ posts with interest e.g. I haven’t been offered any checks on cholesterol or BP (probably because I am now “signed off” and no one is monitoring me.  I have an alarm on my phone for five years after I started to stop taking it!!)

If you have any questions I would be happy to try and answer them.


Hi Posden

I have been taking Letrozole for about 6 weeks, had some hot flushes but that is all (worst was after drinking one glass of alcohol so will be giving that a miss from now). I take it at 6.00 pm everyday

I have always been borderline with high cholestral so had it checked after 4 weeks and saw my GP yesterday. It has risen (but Christmas wont have helped) but he is just going to monitor it for now as he said the benefits of Letrozole were too good and also, although high, I had a very high amount of good cholestral. He suggested I eat more oily fish and steam it. I think it may be a good idea to talk to your GP about your fears, they might just say to have regular blood checks on your liver to see how it is coping ( my husband has these cos of a tablet he is currently on), you can always change to something else if any problems start occuring. 

Good Luck x

Hi Posden 

I’m nearly a year in with Letrozole, apart from the issue I had with brands, Iv been ok with her Letrozole. 

Hello Posden, I was wondering if you decided to take Letrozole & how you are doing with it?

I am now facing the same dilemma. 

I had an estrogen receptive IDC cancer diagnosed in Sept and was operated on at the beginning of Oct…wide excision & sentinel node biopsy. Thankfully my lymph nodes are clear & my cancer was very small (5mm). 

I’m 68 & have to decide to start (or not) Letrozole. I am similar to you with osteoarthritis & I also have low/no tolerance to drugs so of course am fearful of being debilitated by this drug.

It’s all been a bit of a rollercoaster & my head is in knots with it all 

I hope you are keeping well…very best wishes…Aileana