Is anyone starting Chemo in October.

Hi, this is my first posting. I am starting. Chemo soon and would love to talk to anyone in the same situation.
Thanks you

Hi I start my chemo this Wednesday .I am also new to this sort of thing. Fell very confused as to what I am going to go through.

Hello Mv and Hello Stoke. So sorry that you find yourselves here, but it’s the right place for support and advice.


I would recommend joining the threads “Starting chemo in September / October” (can be found under “Going Through Treatment” and then “Chemotherapy Monthly Threads”).


I stated chemo in February this year and joined the February Valentines thread. It was informative, supportive and at times a real life line. We have all completed our planned chemo now, some still having radiotherapy / reconstruction etc. but still supporting each other as we begin to explore life beyond chemo.


Wishing you both all the best with your treatment,



I’m due to start Chemo soon as well so feel free to talk to me if you want?



I hav e to see my oncologist on the 23rd Sept 2013 so i will be starting chemo soon i should think i had my surgery 3 weeks ago hope we can keep in touch. I wish you all the best through your treatment.




hello everyone, I have  my oncologist appt tomorrow, 3.5 weeks out of surgery, dauted by the journey, mixed emotions and fear of the unknown but today i think practical questions are the focus, just not sure where to start.

Hi everyone


May I suggest you join the thread ‘October Optimists 2013’ which is on the board 'Going Through Treatment ’ and then -  ‘Chemotherapy Monthly Threads.’  There are already two pages of comments there and it would be confusing to have 2  October threads going at once.


Thanks.  :smileyhappy:



Hi, I have my first appointment with oncology on 2nd October . Recovering at the moment from a mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction.
scarytimes, ehhh
Sara x

Hi I also start chemo soon , on the 26th. It’s all happened so fast and I’m still in shock. Any comments on what to expect at first session would be good.

Julo and Sarah,  may I suggest you join the thread ‘October Optimists 2013’ which is on the board 'Going Through Treatment ’ and then -  ‘Chemotherapy Monthly Threads.’   This is where those going through treatment in October are gathering.  There are three pages of posts there already and I am sure there will be plenaty of people there to advise and support you.