Is anyone taking alendronic acid?

Hi everyone

i had a mastectomy last year and have been taking letrazole since September. I have noticed pain in my hands recently and think that might be a side effect. But it’s bearable. Now the doc wants to prescribe alendronic acid as the beginnings of osteoporosis in my neck, hip and spine were picked up in a Dexa scan. I read up about this drug and it’s a bit scary. I’m sure some of you are taking it and I’d be interested to know what your experiences are and, in particular, if you’ve had any side effects.

Love to all


Hi Jane

I have the 6-monthly zometa infusion (zoledronic acid) as an alternative to the aledronic acid treatment but they’re more or less the same thing - biphosphonate treatments. The leaflets have to warn us of all the potential side effects and they’re pretty scary but you have to weigh it up against two essential factors. Osteoporosis is a horrid disease in itself but biphosphonates reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of breast cancer in the bone marrow, one of its preferred targets. Most people get by with few problems and, with the tablet form, you have better control over whether to stop it because of side effects, which is always an option. My friend has been taking it for years and says the worst thing is having to take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning when she’s yearning for a coffee!

Hope this helps a bit x

Hi Jane, 

ive been taking alendronic acid for approx 8 months and haven’t had any problems so far. My gp said to take it on the same day every week, with a pint of water, on an empty stomach and stay upright for at least 30 minutes. 

It is important to stay upright and it was recommended that I had a dental check up before I started them. 

I’m sorry you’ve been diagnosed with osteoporosis but I hope you get on ok with the tablets xx 

Dear Jane,

I’ve been on Alendronic Acid for around 10 months plus Calcium/Vit D supplement. I’ve been on letrozole for around 14months too without any side effects. I had a Dexa scan shortly after going on letrozole and it showed osteoporosis in my spine and oesteopaenia in neck of femur. I was a bit fed up about it all, I hadn’t had any symptoms, it made me feel very old all of a sudden. The list of possible side effects can be off putting but I have been fine. After the first dose I felt headachy and unwell for a day or so, the second dose I felt a little under the weather but no problems since then. Make sure you follow the instructions - I take mine on my quietest day of the week, which is Sunday. The National Oestoporosis Society have a very good website - lots on nutrition and safe forms of exercise. They have a specialist nurse helpline too which I used. 

I did have a dental check up before starting the treatment but that might be difficult at the moment as dentists are only seeing emergencies, I think. 

Keep well and don’t worry.


Hi , I broke my elbow 6 years ago and that was when After bone density scan I was put on alcedronic take every Sunday  and Adcal tablets twice a day xso have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis .I have been fine on tablets , but you are suppose to have a holiday from them after so long , but because I was diagnosed with breast cancer ,my GP said  to just mention it to my consultant and ask when I am due for a further bone density scan 

Sue x