Is anyone taking part in the MammoSite trial?

I have posted this for new user Luiza
Jo, Facilitator

I have had surgery and will do radiotherapy. I have been offered to try a new kind of radiotherapy which is still on trial. It is called MammoSite. Has anyone undergone this treatment? Is anyone happy or unhappy about it?

Hi Luiza
I am due to have radiotherapy in approx 6 weeks. Think the Mammosite trial sounds great - only 5 days as opposed to six weeks. Where do you live and which hospital is offering this trial?

That sounds really great and I wish someone had offered me that rather than the 5 weeks (25 sessions) that I actually did have, As Annie says where are you going for it?

funny enough I too have been looking up radiotherapy etc and wondered re trials - not sure how the trials thing works at all - so much to hear off…x

Royal Marsden is offering the trial. Not everyone is suitable. It depends on the depth of the cavity left in ones breast, distance from the skin and so on (medical terms I am not very familiar with). I have had some tests and they are still deciding if I can have this new treatment. However, it is a trial and they do not have results to compare with conventional radiotherapy.