Is everyone who is on Anastrozole and Zoladex, also on Zolendronic Acid (Zometa) too?


I wanted to ask; is everyone who is on Anastrozole and Zoladex, also on Zolendronic Acid (Zometa) too? or is there anyone who isn’t and if so, was it ever suggested to you?

I’ve had two infusions of it now, and it’s another one of those things which no one ever told me about at the beginning. The reason I am asking the question is complicated, but as you don’t meet people who have had breast cancer in your everyday life, this seems the only place I can ask.

I don’t need to know all the different things people are taking and why, just if it was ever suggested to you from the beginning that zolendronic acid would be one of your treatments, or was it another example of something else being ‘sprung’ on you?



After 7 years of follow-up, breast cancer recurrence was less likely in women who got Zometa compared to women who didn’t. Overall, the time the women lived without the cancer coming back (disease-free survival) was 28% better in women who got Zometa.

Hi @LouisaCPhillips80  . I have been given the option for Zometa every 6 months (also on an AI and Zoladex) - this was suggested by my oncologist as I showed concern re bone health long term. 3 years of 6 month infusions was then recommended. He said it also can prevent the cancer spreading to your bones as well as preventing the development of osteoporosis. I have concern about Jaw Necrosis as I have had an implant and may need another in the future. So I have had a Dexa scan and doing all I can to prevent bone loss naturally. If it doesn’t work I will have the infusions.