Is FEC the same as FAC?

I hear a lot about FEC Chemo. What drugs are these? I had 4 x FAC (pushed). The drugs are Flourauracil /5fu, Adriamycin/doxorubicin, Cyclophoshamide.
Felt tired and nauseous but the constipation after cycle #3 was dreadful and I had not prepared for it as I had not expected it! After cycle #4 the problem is acid reflux which is still a problem after 4 weeks!


FEC is slightly different in that you get one differnt drug, instead of Adriamycin/dox we have Epirubicin - it’s a foul, red coloured yuk that has the worst side effects going. Otherwise the drugs are exactly the same.

Hope that helps. I hope you feel a better soon.


Hi Lynn,
Thanks for that,
They both sound very similar and are both yough and red! Looked at and I’ve had them all but not too bad really… still manage to get out for a walk most days. The main ting that stops me is the rain! (I therefore love the rain!)