Hi Everyone,

Didn’t think I’d be back here quite so soon. About a month ago was urgently referred by my GP. I had found a lump in right breast. Had mammo and ultrasound, and told I had two cysts in my breast. I was so relieved, they immediately sucked one out with a needle. At the time I asked if that was both or just one. They said it was just one they had removed. I didn’t think to ask why, I was just relieved and anxious to get out of there.

The bruising took a couple of weeks to go, and after that I started having another feel around. Noticed another lump, not sure if its the old cyst refilled, or the smaller one that’s got bigger. Went back to my GP who said there’s definitely something there, but because I had all the tests earlier this month she said not to worry. Well this lump is quite big, and also fairly painful now. You can almost see it on the surface. I am fairly certain it is not the same lump. She has asked me to go back in about 2 weeks (right time of the month) so she can have another look. She also said she could drain it if necessary, is that normal for a GP to do?

My husband and I have booked a short holiday because we were so effected by my scare last month, and now I feel like the fear has all come back. I havn’t even been on my holiday yet, and no-one else is worrying this time, just me.

What do you think?

Thanks Suzette

I’d be tempted to ring the place you had the mammogram and ultrasound for advice (assuming that it wasn’t at your GP surgery) If it is only a fluid filled lump it would be ok for your doctor to attempt to drain it - but it’s obvious you don’t trust her judgment and need the reassurance of a second opinion. It’s growing and causing you pain - don’t wait two weeks for it to get worse - get that second opinion now - you may have nothing to worry about other than worry itself. Good Luck
Love Maddy xxxxx

Hi Suzette

It is natural you are going to worry, you are so wise to keep on top of this.
When I had a cyst it was small and very pea like, it was drained and I had no further problem. However when I found the lump that started me on this BC journey it felt very different. I have always been very vigilant in examining myself and the lump I found shocked me because it was quite big, about the size of a ten pence piece and more oval than pea like. I couldn’t believe I had missed it! On this occasions it took a month to be removed and during that time it did not appear to grow rapidly. I have had two subsequent lumps and again they appeared almost overnight but the last one did grow a little quickly once it had been biopsied.

I don’t think I have helped that much but I think you ought to try to press for another appointment when you get back from your break.

Perhaps better still you could phone the helpline on the home page. They have a broader knowledge and will set you mind to rest which ever route you decide to take.

In the best possible way, I hope we do not hear from you again other than to say it was just cyst’s enjoy your break!

Hi Suzette

I dont think your GP should take anything for granted, I was told I had a cyst for nearly 3 months the lump was painful but because I am only 41 they presumed it wasnt cancer and it turned out to be a grade 3 cancer, you are within your rights to ask for it to be investigated, I hope all goes well my love let us know how you get on, speed is of the essense with these things and I certainly am more wise now as to what route I will take should I need to in the future

Bset regards


so sorry you are back on here again with a new lump. I was relieved with you when you had the other one dealt with! If you dont feel at happy or at peace with what this doctor has said then I would push for another appointment at the breast clinic through another doc. My lump was just a fibroadenoma diagnosed with a core biopsy. The consultant told me if this lump grew to make sure I get back to the docs and ask to be checked out in the clinic again. Same for any new lump. I took this to mean that we shouldn’t just ‘assume’ any new lump or change in an existing one is OK… always get it checked out.

Please try not to worry, though. It is likely it’s another cyst and the sooner you can find out the better. I know how it goes, though! I haven’t felt my lump since I had the biopsy several weeks ago. I still have a slight bruise and I guess I just want to forget about it all now! But one day I will have to have another check to make sure there’s no change!!!

Take care and please get yourself seen asap so you can relax & enjoy your holiday.


Thanks Guys for your support.

Specially to Nanny - we were going through the same stuff at the same time last month I think. I am not in a bad place with worrying like I was last time. I am still thankful it was nothing last time, and hopefully will be the same this time.

This time I have some pain which I did not have last time, and this is making me more aware of it physically than I was last time.

If it gets worse, will get my GP to do her stuff on it, I feel like my boob is about to explode with the pressure!

Would like to have drawn a line under the whole episode before my holiday, but I’m wiser now, and will enjoy my break regardless.

Thanks again.

Will let you know the outcome.

Still feel very humble conversing with you brave ladies who have had that news we all dread.


Hi Suzette

So sorry to hear you have found another lump,

I guess it’s a silly thought but it’s not a haematoma from the original lump where the fluid was aspirated from? I just remember that when I found my lump and eventually used my nonce and went to see my GP, he thought it could be either a cyst or a haematoma where one of my dogs had jumped onto my breast very heavily/painfully (shame it wasn’t either of those!). Like Pam I was 41 last year at diagnosis and my GP said I was too young to get BC, yet it was and an agressive tumour at that. I did get a really big haematoma after my first set of core biopsies, and in fact it appeared that my lump had grown rapidly in the course of a couple of days, but was actually the bruised area where I had bled quite a lot and had caused a haematoma (it was quite painful too!).

Have to say that I would not have been happy with my GP aspirating my lump, my consultant missed my tumour first time round for biopsy (taking breast tissue and missing the tumour completely) so god knows where my GP would have stuck the needle??? I would try and speak to the BCN at your local breast unit or ask to be referred back to the unit again.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and have a super time on holiday, you lucky lady.

Lynn x

Hi Suzette

Two things come to mind from what you say in your post.

Firstly, as you had an ultrasound only two months ago, a cancerous tumour that can actually be felt now would have been picked up then. They grow quickly - but not that quickly. Were you given a breast care nurse when you were there last time? If so I would contact her directly. If you have to go through your GP let her know how worried you are and ask if it is possible to get a biopsy or even just another direct referral just in case. If she says no I would seek a second opinion.

Secondly, I would be nervous about her aspirating the lump unless she can be 100% certain it is a cyst. I read somewhere that there is a minuscule risk of infecting the surrounding tissue when a biopsy is carried out on a malignant tumour. I wouldn’t feel happy to let anyone ‘drain’ a lump they were doing it every day as they will be at the breast clinic.

I’m sorry if that’s not much help. It sounds like you are a person who needs absolutes in order to get on with life. I hope it turns out to be nothing and you get your holiday.

Lola x