Is it Back ???... Where's Wally !!

Hello Ladies,
Have not posted on here for a while but just feeling so “Rubbish” Had a cough for a while , worsening, with Breathlesness and what can only be described as a “Rattle” when I breath.
Swa Doctor got inhalers, Had chest X-ray and they say will be a week until results (sigh) Also very bad sporadic pain in right shoulder, back, 
Has anyone else had this ?? and what helps ??
Have had double mastectomy, Chemo, Rads and been taking Tamox for 2 years had a lot of Lymph involvment,


I hope its just an infection that will clear, but I know the feeling… always wondering whenever there is a problem…is it or isn’t it?

On the surface I appear very healthy, but mentally I expect bad news on a daily basis :frowning: I think it is something we learn to live with.Good luck!