Is it BC

I’ve had dull pain in my left breast and armpits… over the last few years I’ve had ultrasound at least twice and even recently (3 months back) that didn’t show any lumps. But I have dull pain in left breast, in the back behind breast, armpits and now nipple pain too. Driving me crazy. We have an upcoming trip, planning to get tests done once we are back. 

Hi there, just wondering what reason were you given for the sensations you were having by the clinic ?

You asked the question ‘Is it BC?’ and I guess if there have been multiple examinations and ultrasounds over a 3 years period (any mammogram?) with the last one 3 months ago, and the consultant is entirely convinced that there is no further need for any investigation based on imaging, examination and the lack of BC symptoms - then it isn’t BC. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is there a reason why you still feel doubtful of the results you have had ? Have you been referred for further tests or are you planning to get some privately ?