Is it best to have implants before or after radiotherapy?

Hi, I am due to have a double mastectomy on Monday (14th Jan). I will also need radiotherapy on the right side. I have decided to have implants, but am not sure whether to have immediate or delayed reconstruction. I am very concerned that the right implant will go hard after the radiotherapy. Have other people had an implant followed by radio therapy and what happened? Also, what have others been advised - is it best to have immediate or delayed reconstruction if radiotherapy is needed? Thanks so much.

From what I have heard (on here and other places) many surgeons won’t do a recon before rads, but then it is difficult to stretch the skin afterwards. Many won’t do a recon until 6-12 months after rads, so it will be a wait whatever.
Where I am (East Anglia), the surgeon can’t get the recon’s done quick enough. I had mx, node clearance/sampled (not sure which - I know how many they took out, but not if any are left) and recon all in one go in October 2011. They then did histology to work out what further treatment was necessary - turned out to be chemo, rads and tamoxifen (hormone treatment). My mx was a skin-saving one and the recon was with a Strattice mesh and implant. I have had no problems with the implant going hard, and I finished my rads last May.
I assume that the risk of implants going hard isn’t too great, as otherwise the surgeon wouldn’t be doing so many immediate recons, but I know there is some risk.
Good luck whatever you decide.

Thanks so much. Thats really helpful and reassuring. I opted for immediate recon and start radio in the next few months. Fingers crossed the implant doesn’t go hard. If it does, my surgeon will try to replace it with another implant. If thats not an option, then they’ll use my own body tissue to reconstruct. Thanks again for your kind reply.

Immediate reconstruction with implant was also offered to me and it was clear from the start that I’d need radiotherapy. I’m sure he wouldn’t have offered if there were any risk.

All the very best with your recovery from the operation and the treatment to come.