Is it dangerous to have two mammograms in a year?

I had a mastectomy in October 2010 and have been having yearly mammograms at the breast clinic in October.

Then this June I was called for a Mammogram-when I got to the mobile van I was told that this was the routine 3 year one-she checked with the clinic, did the mammogram and told me that the clinic would call me up again for another mammogram to be done in December.


Anyway, I’ve just had a letter asking me to go in October to the clinic. I feel tempted to go otherwise it would be 17 months between the mammograms.


Any advice would be helpful. 


Thanks in anticipation.




I don’t think it is dangerous - I had 2 in 2 weeks when first diagnosed.

I am due to have my first annual mammogram in January. A few weeks ago I found myself at the breast clinic having US (to put my mind at rest) and they wouldn’t give me a mammogram as they knew I had one due in January. They didn’t explain why, but they did seem to indicate that it wouldn’t be a good idea.


Poemsgalore xx