is it just me? Husband less than helpful

I feel like my husband is being selfish and less than helpful. He couldn’t understand why I thought his friend was being unthoughtful by wanting to bring his new girlfriend up to meet me when I am in the dangerous time of chemo; when blood count is at the lowest and I feel and look like crap…in fact my husband’s words were " well it’s not like your bedridden". Seriously, am I missing something?

Possibly he thinks a bit of company will do you good - you know take you out of yourself a bit. 


It is really hard for carers, and friends for that matter, to know the best way of helping unless we tell them.  A friend of mine - we lived in a village where doors were always open - had a sign for the front door - one side welcomed people in for a cuppa tea, the other told them to ****** off as she was sleeping.  It made you smile whichever side you saw at the door, but it kept her in control.  However only you will know on the day sometimes how you will cope with a visitor and that is all you can say to him.