Is it just me.


Just wanted to write something that is really bothering me.I was diagnosed in April this year with Liver many metastasis,spine,hips,bone.

Why is Metastatic Breast Cancer not highlighted when it comes to Breast Cancer Awarness month,or wear it pink on 18th October.Just read that there is a fashion show in Glasgow for breast cancer no mention of Metastatic Breast Cancer.Personally I think people are to scared to highlight that this disease can become a death sentence.

I hope that others can maybe help turn my thought around,just seems so unfair,that Metastatic Breast Cancer is not talked about when advertisements or breast cancer is getting talked about.

Hi @Walsh  

We just wanted to respond to your comment and reassure you that metastatic breast cancer is a priority for us and will play a big part in our upcoming work. We are planning to launch a new report and campaign during BCAM that will aim to improve the diagnosis, treatment and care of people living with metastatic breast cancer, as well as highlighting more widely what exactly metastatic breast cancer is. People living with metastatic breast cancer will be at the heart of the campaign and we will feature their stories throughout BCAM. The campaign is not just limited to BCAM though, we plan on this being a long running piece of work, continuing throughout the next year.

If you want any further information or have any questions about the campaign – please do get in touch with our campaigns team –

Here bloody here I’m absolutely dreading think patronising pink was of celebs telling us to check our boobs etc there’s never a mention of SBC or the fact that we are 30/40% living with this awful disease even after early stages of primary breast cancer its like we are periahs and our voices are not heard more reaseach is needed urgently to find out how and why this is still happening to us never mind glamourising breast cancer with silly pink bras tutus and other money profit making nonsense going to the big stores then what’s left over going into already massively funded research for prevention early stage STAGE 4 needs more  thanks Walsh for bringing this up ?

Hi Walsh, 


I couldn’t agree more. 


Metastatic breast cancer is what really is challenging and since there is no cure, money should be raised to keep researching to try to find new drugs for these patients. 


Also since patients that initially get diagnosed with breast cancer will develop metastasic breast cancer, awareness is also important for them. 


Great hearing you think the same.

I wish you all the best xx