Is it me or my Wig??

Hi Ladies

Ok I know the warm weather more than likely has something to do with it or perhaps its just the chemo or perhaps it is the wig but at the end of the day when I can get the wig of I seem to have a dull headache, just sort of heavy like but it doesn’t need painkillers.

I am sort of putting it down to wig heat has anyone else had this feeling?

I also have a dry cough so when I cough my head sort of throbs…!!! arghhhhhhhh


P x

bump??? anyone

Hi Paula - sorry no-one has responded yet - am sure they will in time!

I got a lovely wig on the NHS - hubby tactlessly said it looked better than my own hair - before I started chemo. The chemo nurse told me the cold cap only worked for about 10% of people, and gave me a voucher up to £120 to take to a designated hairdresser/wig supplier. Although my hair thinned quite a bit of top, and I could see my scalp, I didn’t lose all my hair, and only rarely wore the wig - usually a bad hair day. I did find it very uncomfortable, kind of crushed my scalp inwards, gave me a headache, and could only wear it for an hour or so. I dread to think how I would have managed if I had lost all my hair, and you have my sympathies. Guess I would have had to resort to scarves and buffs, whatever they are!

Paula, have you mentioned your dry cough to the Oncologist? It might be nothing, but I was advised all side effects/symptoms should be reported and they are taken seriously - well, mine were. I got a purple spotty rash all over my left leg (chemo was given through left arm) and rang the chemo ward at 6 pm one evening. They rang the local community hospital and a doctor saw me at 8 pm - they even sent a driver. It was cellulitis and he gave me a shot of something which calmed it all down.

Take care,

Hi Paula,
How I hate wearing my wig at any time but the hot weather makes it unbearable. Yes I too get that sort of dull headache after wearing it.
I always fear that it will slip while I’m out and I will be oblivious of this and walk round sort of half cocked as it where. this surely would be worse than baring my egg head.

Hi Margaret

Thanks for replying I was starting to think I had wig syndrome…!!! I have been able to have it on less today and so far I dont have that dull headache…joy !! mind you with this breeze I am more wary when out. I know what you mean about it slipping too…I imagine someone trying to pick a leaf from it and having it attached to there hand like a rugrat!!!Ekkkk

All these nightmare worries of wigs huh !!! I wish I could fiend a nice summer hat but can’t see any I like yet in shops…!!

Take care

Paula x

Hi get hot under mine even though I just have a 1cm covering now . Its not on too tight is it? dont know if your is like mine but it has an elasticated buit you can make looser.
I dont have fear of it slipping but I find myself tilting it up atthe back when I am cooling off. I am so used to doing this I have probably done it in company and not realised !

Cally x

hi Paula.

I have a lovely wig sittting in my wardrobe, I’ve only worn it once out, to show my friend who lives down the road, and then i’ve decided it’s too scratchy on my forehead. Until i find a solution to that, I’ve just been wearing a buff underneath a pretty headscarf made from some lovely batik-style fabric i bought, from a well-known large store. A metre of fabric has made four triangles,and I haven’t needed to hem it as I’ve cut it on the bias.I tuck the buff material up on my neck to give a bit of warmth and fullness under the scarf, and if it gets too warm i take the scarf off. I’ve gotten used to people looking, and prefer the scarf to going bare-headed when out and about.Not that brave yet!!

Does anyone have a solution to the scratchiness of the wigs?

Ann xx

Hi Ann
I have just visited a link it comments on hot and itchy wigs. “thin cotton linings or skullcaps can be bought from wig suppliers or make your own from a cut down stocking or pair of tights”.
Hope this is of some help.

Knowing how useless I would be at attempting this set me in fits of laughter. As Paula and I mentioned before the possibility of wigs falling off is scarey, but imagine baring with a pair of tights sitting on your head . The mind boggles.


… in that case I think the only thing to do is take a revolver with you and a bag labelled “SWAG” … love FB xxxx

I think I’m weird as I quite like the fact my wig keeps my head warm! When it gets itchy, I rub my head with ‘Rescue Cream’ which helps. Or I just take it off and wear a cotton hat/nothing. For some onscure reason, I can’t cope with scarves - far too hot. Told you I’m weird…