Is it normal to fear scans?

Hi everyone, 

I am still fairly new to process - had mastectomy 4 weeks ago and going back for ANC  following positive node. 


I wondered,  is it normal to be petrified at the thought of body scans, because you fear they’ll tell you it’s spread and it’s all over you? 

I’ve more or less convinced myself if they scan me I’ll have bad news. I’m breaking out in a sweat at the thought. 


Is this fairly normal? 


Ps. Sorry it’s in wrong thread- don’t know how to change it!

Hey Posden,


no its not unusual to worry about scans,  show me someone who isnt… me included so ur not alone.  I had a head scan because of a continual headache during my chemo…convinced they would find a brain tumour.  Thankfully it was clear x

try n stay strong npositive.    Mini mad xx ??





Hi Posden - good reply from mini mad, I agree it’s very usual to fear scans. You might want to buy a book that was recommended on here and which I have found very useful - The Cancer Survivor’s Companion by Frances Goodhart and Lucy Atkins. The book gives various coping strategies and also explains that “thoughts aren’t facts. A worried thought is just your interpretation, it is not a fact”. Of course it’s easier said than done to stop worrying, but the book gives some ways to “tame” your fears. Or maybe see if you can get some counselling?

Sending you big hugs as you recover from the op and have the ANC/scans.

Evie xx